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  • Hello from Selby

    Hi, I live near Selby in North Yorkshire and I am so pleased that I have found this forum.

    I like making all sorts of things from shopping bags, gift bags, clutch bags and well any kind of bag in general. I also like making post it note charms and pads, buttons, card embellishments. Anything and everything really.

    I do suffer from a slight crafting problem and that is I can get a bee in my bonnet about some craft I would like to try then go out and get the kit needed then it sits there as I am too nervous to do anything with it. This is starting to annoy me somewhat so I am hoping you very nice people can give me the preverbial kick where its needed.

    Put me in a group and I am inspired but on my own I lack the courage to start things but when up and running then I am fine. I have hundreds of ideas floating around my old noggin that occasionally I have to let them out.

    Right enough chitter chatter me thinks, I had best go back to my craft room and clear it ready for my next project. Clay button making!

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    Welcome to the forum. I'm not all that far from you.
    You are now in a fab group where someone will always be able to offer you the help and encouragement to get those craft kits going
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      Hi Dodgy think the only thing you forgot to tell us is your name. welcome to the forum from me, I'm the other side of your near Leeds. you've come to the right place but be warned this is very addictive
      Handmade jewellery, to buy gifts or just to treat yourself visit my website, commissions welcome or join me on facebook for a chat


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        Like you I have stacks of untouched supplies for a whole load of craft activities that I haven't started yet - but what I've found is that over time I discover a need for something that I have to find tools/equipment/supplies for and instead of having to spend loads of money, I just look in the storeroom and lo and behold, there it is!


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          Hi I am new to the Craft Forum and also live in Selby. I have just left my job and want to get to know like minded people in my area HELP!!! please. I feel exactly as you do I get kit and don't know what to do with it or I start something thinking I might make enough to sell then don't know where to go to sell my stuff or even if it is good enough. Do you have any suggestions


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            Hello and welcome to the forum.

            Jo xx
            Things to make and do
            Things to make and do's Facebook page
            Michael Lovejoy's Art