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  • Please could anyone help

    I am totally new here, am a retired lady of 74 who has done various craft things in my time but never made jewellery. I belong to a group of similar aged ladies in my village who make things for the Shoe Box appeal [Operation Christmas Child]. Up to now I have just knitted, mitts, scarves hats etc., but fancied doing something else. My first thought was to make some clip on earrings for little girls, but then remembered having clip-on's in my youth and that they pinched badly after a while. Then I thought of rings, which can be adjustable in size and then I thought of hair clips and Barrettes. Being totally ignorant of all things "beady", could anyone point me in the right direction of what to buy, where to buy it and how to do it please? Obviously I am not seeking to make expensive things, very cheap and cheerful is more like it. I intend to make quite a few items, last year we sent 2500 boxes from our village and the surrounding ones, and it can get a bit of a problem finding things to put in besides knitted items, which the kids are no doubt grateful for, but are not much "fun". I have noticed on ebay that suppliers from China are very cheap for the basic clips etc, and having bought other things from people in China and never had a problem I am prepared to do this. I have until October to make these things. The problem arises more in what sort of beads to buy, presumably flat backed ones, sizes of beads, and so on. Again I do not want to buy expensive beads, and have thought acrylics or plastic would be the ones to get. I have looked at Rhinestones but am confused as to the difference between hot applied ones and simple glue on ones, and what glue to use for the latter.
    If anyone can offer advice as to what to get I would be very grateful. I am sorry this is so long for a first post, but I have tried to explain exactly what I want to do.

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    Welcome back Margaret, you have not posted for some time. Nice to see you here again. I was just wondering, don't most of the little girls in the poorer countries have their ears pierced as a matter of course. I am not sure about this but have a gut feeling in which case you would be better off with hooks rather than clips. Beady elasticated bracelets are a lot of fun too. We do the same boxes at Christmas and, like you I have often thought how boring they look with the usual knitteds, toothbrushes, combs etc., No being a beader I can't advise you on types etc., but wish you luck with your project.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Hi and welcome back Margaret. Sorry can't help as I'm a soapmaker but I'm sure somebody will be here very soon to give you an advice. Good luck.
      Help other people and peolpe will help you.


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        I was going to suggest stretchy bracelets with beads....brightly coloured ones that the little girls would love!! Have a look at baker they have oodles of projects for pretty reasonable prices. But you're probably right about getting the best deals from China for acrylic beads and gems.
        Hope this helps
        Sarah x

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          Hi Margaret,

          I have some very easy to follow instruction for making jewellery on my web site. If you want to make the simple beads and elastic type bracelets that most kids love then I have instructions in the kids craft section.
          I don't like to promote my own website on here as I'm not sure it's really the right thing to do. The only reason I have done so is because I genuinely believe it will help. All the info is free and the link is in my sig under this post.

          If this is against forum rules please remove.
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            Its OK Maria, I believe your intentions are strictly honourable. Another alternative for anyone who is worried about the same thing you can always tell the OP you are PM ing them with info. and then do so. Just a suggestion.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              Hi Margaret, as well as beads you could also consider making some pretty bracelets and necklaces out of buttons - either with stretchy elastic or cord. This might help with costs as most people have a stash of buttons which can be raided ...


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                I think elastic beaded bracelets are a great idea, colourful and you dont have to worry about sizing that much.
                Hair clips or eleastic hairbands are also a good idea, if you got blank clips and glued on largish beads (maybe with a glue gun).
                Have a look in some shops, maybe you could start with kits aimed for children to make and that will give you an idea of which beads are good and bad to work with, also this way you will have an idea of what themes and colours are good, with a small initial cost. Later on then you could buy in bulk supplies to make more once you have more experience.
                I will have a think about more things you could make.
                Good luck, I think you are doing a very helping thing for those children.


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                  You can get faux suede in lots of gorgeous colours and inexpensive too. If you had the 2mm or 3mm widths then you could get some large holed beads and string them on, knot between each bead and then make an adjustable slip need for a fastener and can fit any neck or wrist size. There are tutorials on youtube to do these sliding knots, they're easy, just a bit of practise on a piece of string or something I hope this helps...and good luck.
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                    Hi Margaret,
                    for free ideas I'd say nick ideas from Baker Ross and You tube. If you have any money to spare Amazon has loads of how to books. If you search on their website for beads and pull up one book you should be given ideas saying other people bought these books too and it'll take you on a voyage of discovery.
                    If you go with beads I'd suggest a trawl round your charity shops and buy up old necklaces. Two good deeds in one go. You can ask them to make up bags of broken jewellery for you. (But they can be a bit rubbish at remembering to do it.)
                    Here's some websites to explore:
                    For crafts aimed at children
                    For stuff to make crafty things with
                    Somewhere to start with Amazon
                    You can get really pretty elastic in your local hobbycraft or similar wool/needlework/haberdashery/craft shop but beware. you will be tempted by all the other things on sale in there!

                    An easy path down the jewellery making road goes start with threading beads, then try twisting wire, then start hitting it with a hammer, then you'll be hooked and you can try working with sheet metal, different metals, enamelling, melting, casting....oooo such fun!


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                      How about making some easy lace flowers with a button centre and hot glueing them onto a clip. Fairly easy to do, very pretty and lightweight for transporting too
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                        Margaret, lots of advice which i can't add to really, but just wanted to say how your post made my day, how lovely and selfless you are! If you pm me i have a donation of little girls handmade stud earrings.
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                          re help

                          Thank you all so much for the help with what to make for the shoe box appeal. A lot of help from you all.
                          Can anyone suggest a basic beading book that they have found useful please?

                          I know I have not been on the forum for a long time but this has been due to family matters. First my husband was diagnosed with Dementia, then 2nd daughter had a pregnancy terminated on medical grounds,and then 1st daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Both boys were made redundant but have got jobs again, all in all I feel as if I should be in a straight jacket at times!!

                          Again many thanks for all your help.