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    Im Kayleigh, 20 yeard old.

    My crafts mainly consist of Fimo Clay and some Jewellery making but mainly use my clay bits. Im not a very creative person so im always getting stuck for idea's.
    So if you ever have any or anything i could use for inpirtation please let me know and also the best places for books for fimo creations.
    Newbie .x.

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    Originally posted by ithinkitsgonnarain View Post
    Im Kayleigh, 20 yeard old.
    Im not a very creative person so im always getting stuck for idea's.
    Here now, none of this!! Of course you are creative, you're just worried because you've met a block. ALL creative people meet up with blocks. If you weren't creative, it wouldn't bother you!

    I moved your other thread, BTW - did you see?


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      Thanks but honestly i have so many mental blocks it's unreal. Im waiting for all these bank holidays to end and then going to get order some moulds as i have about 25 fimo blocks but hardly any moulds. I made a ron weasley and harry potter the other day hahaa, when i get enough post's i will add some photos (if i work out how to).

      Thanks for moveing it.
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        We should start a thread on creativity and mental blocks. I bet a lot of people would have a good bit to say about it!


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          Hi Kayleigh and to the Crafts Forum. You will find some good books on Amazon and you will be able to preview some of them and read the reviews.

          We do all have blocks as grammie said but again we all had to start somewhere. There will be magazines on Polymer Clay Crafting in all good newsagents as well and on line if you Google it.

          Good luck, hope to see some of your newly inspired work soon.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Hi Kayleigh, Welcome, Funny but I'm having a mental block at the moment too, I think its something in the air, hopefully we will pull out of it soon! I'll race you ha-ha
            Charliebubbles xx


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              I am also fond of making jewelery! This is a great craft as for me. Welcome to the forum, dear. Enjoy your stay.
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                Welcome to the forum, I hope your mental block passes soon, I tend to look through beading books/jewellery books, the internet & visit various jewellery shops for inspiration!
                Good luck



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                  Thanks i havent been doing it long, not fully anyway. I brought some and did some tiny little things, that are ok just as a tester and i love it! So now getting into it.

                  Just looking on the good old ebay and spending waaay to much money haahaa!
                  I blame my block on work, having finished about 2-3 hours late four days this week and working my days off havent helped so im looking forward to Tuesday for my day off.
                  Newbie .x.


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                    Hi Kayleigh and very welcome to the forum.
                    Help other people and peolpe will help you.