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  • Hi im new

    Hello everyone im new to the forum and looking forward to making new friends .Can i add my blog and if so how also what are tags ? bit new to all this as you can tell .Thanks x
    I am fairysparkle, and i am here to sprinkle fairy dust ever

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    hi and welcome,

    im still abit new so just getting used to it too.
    I put my blog link in my signature. x
    'A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous' Coco Chanel
    Also would love you to follow my blog at


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      Hi and welcome! What are your hand crafts? Tell us more about your crafts!

      Tags are words you can add when you start a thread, to make it easier to find your thread if someone is doing a search. There's a place for tags if you scroll down after staring a new thread. If you accidentally post your first post before adding the tags, you can't go back and add them....that's my understanding.

      For example, say you were starting a new thread about baking gluten free bread, in the foods section. For tags, you might type into the tags box - bread, gluten free, baking, etc.. Then when someone is searching for a recipe for gluten free bread, they'd come up with your thread, no matter how old it got to be, because of the tag words. Am I making any sense?

      Now watch, lots of people will come along and tell me I have it all wrong...I always hate answering something technical, as I AM quite often off the mark. But I try! =)

      For a good experience here as a newbie, be sure you have read the rules! And yes, you can put your blog link in your sig - go to you profile and explore what all you can do!

      Again, welcome!


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        Thank you both for being so helpful .Fairy
        I am fairysparkle, and i am here to sprinkle fairy dust ever


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          welcome to the forum
          View my flickr

          'I am sure it must hurt your eyes to work filigree by candlelight.' - Jane Austen


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            Welcome to the forum!!
            Sarah x

            ~ The Lilac Dragonfly- Handmade Jewellery ~

            ~ Facebook Page ~


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              Hello and to the forum
              Ali x

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