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seamstress wanted urgently!!!

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  • seamstress wanted urgently!!!

    hi everyone

    my name is lottie and i need help urgently!!

    my son is 3 years old and has a condition called achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism. as such clothes are a nightmare for him and nobody caters for children like my son.
    i have decided to start up my own online clothes store specifically tailored to suit achondroplasiac children.
    i am buying clothes i have found to be suitable and altering them to fit...they only need the sleeves taking up, the length shortening (sometimes) and i am adding poppers to the neck of the t-shirts as my son struggles to get things over his head.
    my mother is a seamstress but she is disabled and can only help me to get started, i need help longterm.
    i have built a website that is halfway finished, you can see the homepage if you go to
    little-achon then add .com it will tell you what i am trying to do.
    i am also offering a service of alterations on clothes people have already bought, ie school uniform....i will not be altering suits/jacket or knitwear.
    its pretty simple work involved but i cant sew anything!!!!
    i have suppliers and will start with a small range from 6-12 mths to 5-6 years of t-shirts and jeans, a few dresses.

    i need a seamstress who is willing to work for free to aid these children but will get a wage when i get orders in.

    i have had great interest as im a member of many assosciations and have many friends with kids like orders would be high once launched.
    i need samples made so i can launch in june this year.

    anyone interested or knows a retired seamstress in the leicestershire area please email me.
    thanks for reading


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    Hi Lottie, welcome to the forum and I wish you goodluck with your search!
    Clark Arts,
    Handmade Jewellery.

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