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  • Newcomer in Kent

    Hi everyone

    My name's Sally and I'm a newcomer. I'm a stay at home mum to my little boy; currently making things for him (clothes, toys etc) and his friends as well as things for our home especially as I can't afford to buy everything brand new.

    Great fan of recycling/upcycling I'm always interested in learning new ideas and techniques.

    Would love to hear from anyone else in a similar situation or near to Bromley, Kent. Am also in the process of setting up a little business with my mum (a great sewer/crafter) so if anyone has any dos/don'ts they'd be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks for reading

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    Hi Sally

    to the forum! I am in Kent too and my hubby is a black cab driver in Bromley. I am over there next Saturday as I have a stall on the market on the High Street!

    I really can't sew so don't have any helpful hints and tips on that front, I'm afraid but there are loads of great crafters on here who will!
    Ali x

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      Hello and I am in Bexley. Into glass so can't really help on the sewing front either, sorry, but loads of peeps on here who can!
      Terry xxx
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        Hi Sally and to the forum. Im originally from Kent but only occasionally visit now!!
        I sew but not kids clothes or toys as there are a lot of constraints.
        Krysia (AKA SparklyShoes ) is the best one to help on kids items.
        Good luck with your new venture.
        Lisa x
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          Hi Sally,

          Welcome to the forum. I'm from Sidcup so quite close by too. I make cards and soaps. I'd love to learn how to make toys and things for kiddies ...

          Didn't realise there were so many other crafters so near!! That's great!

          Look forward to seeing some of your makes

          Eleanor xx


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            Hi and welcome. I assume you are asking for help on the business side rather than the sewing. We have a lot of members who are def. good at that. Hang in there and ask specific questions then you will get really good helpful answers. There are also a lot of old threads covering the tax angle and advertising angle so have a look round the old stuff too.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              Hi, thanks everyone. Yes looking for advice on the business side. My mum and I are doing it together - we're sorted on the sewing side but think we've spotted a gap in the market for boys. Could be because I only have a son but I struggle to buy him things if I ever go to a craft fair - its a shame really as I see so much lovely stuff but wouldn't buy it as I don't have any girls to buy it for. Think he misses out as well where we're confronted by nothing but a sea of pink!

              Lovely to hear from you all!


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                Hiya and welcome to the forums.
                What a lovely thing to do making bits for your little ones and other little ones. I remember my nan knitting me clothes as a child and they last so much longer and mean so much more than anything you can just buy in a shop.
                I hope you find all that you need here on the forums, in fact I'm sure you will! There is so much useful information that it will boggle your mind!
                Please keep us updated on the business as im sure loads of us will want to go check it out!
                Take care and goodluck
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                  Im a needler felter and also make english lavender hearts in vintage fabric and buttons. Im only down the road from you in Sidcup x