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  • Hello from Dorset!

    EDITED: Uh-oh, not a good start. Sorry, I posted this in the wrong section!
    EDITED AGAIN: Hmmm, apparently not - it seems to be in the right section now! Talk about making a great first impression!!
    Just thought I'd better introduce myself! I stumbled across this forum the other day and joined to answer a question I knew I could help out with, then I thought I'd better say hi.

    I'm Petra, originally from Sweden but moved to England about 13 years ago. I've been working metal clay full time since 2004, and along the way have fallen in love with glass fusing, resin and other jewellery making techniques. I also recently started with polymer clay and soldered glass jewellery, and have got all my lampwork kit ready to be installed in the studio...

    I love crafts (in particular jewellery making) and have to reign in myself as my studio cupboards are groaning under the pressure of tools, beads, materials and books - I'm restless and want to try everything new!

    I will admit that I am pretty bad at following forums... I used to be active on a couple of different craft forums in the past, but I have a tendency to forget for a couple of weeks, and then drop back in to catch up - I hope I get told by email if there are any pm's for me? I will try to be more active here, it looks like a great forum covering so many different things!

    PS - Yes, I do have a business trading in many of the products I work with (I had to do something when my hobbies took over my life! ), but I have no intention of spamming you or promoting my products - I'm however happy to help with any advice I can give - I hope I'm allowed to stay!?
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    We love making jewellery!
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    Hello and welcome - don't worry, the mistakes are just the kind of ones I'd make!

    Hope you do stick around - it is a great place to be!
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      WELCOME Petra! I think manyof us find the forums a little confusing at first...I know I did.
      You soon get the hang of things here and find you can help people and they can help you right back.
      ~ Rachael
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        Hi Petra and to the CraftsForum. Lots of friendly helpful people on here to chat to and always nice to have another voice of experience to help others too.
        Hope we can see some of your work as you do it.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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          Hi Petra welcome this is a great you, not great at following but love to check in now and again for advice and general chit chat. Dable in jewellery making for myself would love to have more time to do it but must work to keep the wolves from the door...



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            Hi and Petra

            Sorry it was me that managed to confuse you, I knew you wouldn't get many replies in the wrong section so moved it for you
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              Hello and welcome x