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  • Hi from Anni R

    Hi I am ann and work part time as an optical receptionist. Madly passionate about making greetings cards for all occasions. A mum of two one at home and one not and a hubby - mother in law :roll: and labrador. Not necessarily in that order. Wondering if anyone can advise me please, i want to get in to using eyelets on my cards and dont have much idea about them. Which tools to buy, what is necessary and unnecessary and if the "hammer it ones" are best or the mechanically sprung ones. Do they all have fittings for square eyelets and are them usually in metric or imperial. Any help to a total novice would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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    Hi Anni

    Welcome you'll find lots of like-minded folk here and I'm sure someone will be able to help you with your eyelet problem.

    Personally I use the eyelet tool that requires a hammer and get on fine with it although a good tip is to use a drinks coaster to hammer onto to protect your tables - I learnt that one the hard way! :cry: . I've never used the other sort so can't comment on them but I'm sure other people will let you know.

    As for sizes I think it depends on the manufacturer whether it's metric or not.

    Take care
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      Hi, Anni, and welcome!