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Bead making in Ghana

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  • Bead making in Ghana

    Hi - am new and want to know if anyone is interested in hearing about bead making in Ghana? I went there in April and am going back in January to learn more then want to give talks over here in the UK. Would love to hear from anyne but am very new to site and learning how to use it!!

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    Hi Lesley


    I would love to hear all about this - please tell me about it! How did you find out about it and what have you been learning?

    Fran xx
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      Hi Fran - lovely to hear from you. Have just tried to reply but not sure if it sent properly so you might get 2 from me!! Went to Ghana on my own in April but next time am going with an organised tour and will stay in villages to really learn their techniques and hopefully make glass beads here in the UK using the same techniques. Also want to learn how to make the kilns they use! Have got an article going into issue 6 of Bead magazine about my trip in April will be out in September! Lesley x