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  • 10 days left

    Hello everyone. Just thought i'd let you know that i have 10 days left til my birthday. Don't know what's happening on the day yet. Probably not much planned for now as it's a school day. I have 3 boys to take and pick up from school. I hope i get a few crafty presents.

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    Foureen til mine

    now where did that year go?

    they're going by far too fast....

    Apple Tree Crafts


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      Ahh another cancerian, Happy Birthday in advance. It's my birthday this week, so we went out for sunday lunch (me, DH and my two boys). We went to supposedly really good place to eat at Widmouth Bay, we found out it had been sold since we'd last been (yr ago).

      I had a martini and lemonade, but they didn't know the measures and it didn't have much lemonade in it...oooooo strong . The beef and lamb was mouthwateringly lovely, but the potatoes were hard and the mange tout was slimy and the gravy was greasy.

      The waitress came to clear our plates and asked was the meal ok, so I explained (in a really nice way) and her reply was Oh! - not followed by sorry, and/or she'd let the chef know. So we paid and left, never to go there again and I'll tell everyone else too.

      The trouble is I don't go out often, so when I do I want to enjoy it. I di have a glass of Rose Pinot Griggio, which was nice, it mean't I slep through the afternoon when I got home.......


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        Hi to you both from another cancerian mines on the 10th and i agree where did that year go and the last and the one before that and before that .....etc.....

        Dont go out often either so like to get something different when i do get out

        If anyone ever gets a chance in donegal to visit a place called castle murray try it i loved it portion werent huge but was lovely and still left full


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          Mmm sounds good, we're looking for somewhere different to spend a weekend in November for our 10th anniversary - will have to get the map out.....