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Scrapbooker and Beaver Leader!

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  • Silverthistle
    Hiya Beccy,

    Welcome to the forums, there are LOADS of good idea's here as well as friends you are yet to meet,

    Have fun !

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  • hefalumpsmum
    started a topic Scrapbooker and Beaver Leader!

    Scrapbooker and Beaver Leader!

    Good morning, I have just joined the forum - for so many reasons. Very dodgy user id I know - mixture of rather big wieght gain whilst pregnant, healthy weight babies and a fan of Winnie the Pooh!
    I am a Beaver Leader so always looking for great ideas to do with our Beavers that keep them busy plus fun too.
    I used to live in the States and became an avid scrapbooker - I still have albums ongoing although always difficult to catch up when you get behind!
    I am also a member of ladies circle and we run a number of fundraising activities throughout the year so always looking for new ideas, craft stalls etc.
    This site was recommended by a friend who has used it and she is a volunteer with our charity of the year.
    So I am looking forward to hunting through the messages and being able to share ideas.