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  • Newbie here!!!

    Hey all

    I have just joined this forum and it seems really good, great advice and inspiration!

    I have been card making for a few years but never really took it seriously, only at christmas etc.

    I have now decided to try and sell some of my cards, and after working on a few ideas I think I have found the type of card that looks professional and would sell.

    I have contacted a few shops and post offices who would like to see some samples. I have also contacted a beauty salon who said that I could put a basket of my cards in their reception.

    I have a couple of craft fairs/markets that I am interested in doing but I am sooooooo scared! I think my cards are good but what if others don't. What if they don't think they are good enough?!

    I am also trying to think of a name for my cards... it was Handmade with Love but according to Companies House that has already been taken! Apple Blossom Designs was another one. What do you guys think? Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Anyway, will leave you be and as you have probably gathered by now I do ramble on!!!


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    Hi there...

    Sounds like you are on the right lines with the local business approaches you have made so far and the craft fairs, while unpredictable in terms of footfall and sales, can be fun. As a fellow card maker I say go for it...try it and see what happens. You'll never know until you try...

    Look forward to getting to know you and your work. Do you have a website btw?



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      The name is the hardest thing to get right. Looks like you have your head screwed on checking names at Companies House. I like Apple Blossom Designs.
      If you are planning a website, it's worth checking to see if the domain name for your company/trading name are free as well.

      BTW, welcome to the forum.

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        I haven't got a website as yet and I have just checked.... there is a website address available for £9.99 plus VAT p.a. with a minimum of 2 years.... do I go for it? Not sure what I would need to do next... how to set one up etc. using that name?

        I chose Apple Blossom because it symbolises good fortune!!!!


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          Good to see you here.
          God helps them that help themselves.


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            Hello and to the forum.

            Looking forward to seeing some of your cards - love the name 'Apple Blossom Crafts' by the way - gives you loads of scope to expand your range in future.
            Ali x

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              Hi there! Don't be afraid of anyone not liking your work - no one is going to come up and say that to you or anything, and besides, YOU know your work is good, so put that worry out of your mind. Sometimes it makes you feel funny if they just look around and then walk off - don't take that personally - that's just the way some shoppers are. they don't want to have to interact.

              Be your own biggest fan - smile lots and be proud of your creations!

              I like the name Apple Blossoms, too. Very nice.


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                Welcome to the forum.

                I agree with the others and just go for it. You will never please everyone with your designs but if you are happy with them there's a good chance lots of other people will be too so think positive.

                I'd go down the route of MrSite or Create or similar to create your website. They are really easy to set up and you don't need any knowledge at all. I had none on websites whatsoever but still managed to cobble the basic structure of my site together in just a weekend - it was getting good pictures that took more time but this will come with practice. I dangled me and my beads all over the house trying to get the best light for my pics but it was worth it in the end and luckily found the best shots were taken from the bench in my studio and not from hanging off the back of the sofa into the bay window!!!

                Good luck

                PS love Apple Blossom Crafts too


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                  Evening Mazie

                  Welcome to the forums - am sure there are many like minded people here that will be able to help you with your new business venture !

                  Apple Blossom Designs sounds great too !

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                    Go for it Maizie and good luck.
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