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  • Hello from Fabrika

    Hello Craftsforum!!!

    Fabrika is the Independent Art Centre on Humberstone Gate in Leicester.

    We are a community interest project, ran by volunteers and not-for-profit.

    Our remit is to facilitate and support the arts across Leicestershire and its surrounding counties in whichever and whatever form it may present itself.

    On Sunday 3rd October we will be launching the first of what we hope will be many Fabrika Fairs. The fair will be across both floors of our venue, with craft on the ground floor and local produce on the upper floor. Outside we will also be holding a flea market, and in our meeting rooms we will have holistic practitioners.

    We would like to welcome all of you to take part, so if you would like any more information then please drop us a message and we will get the details over to you!

    Lots of love,

    Esta and team Fabrika!!!!

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    I know where you are! I used to work at Curve welcome to the forum I would be very interested if you could send me more info, I'm due a visit
    Dee x
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      Hi Esta
      Heidi here, glad to see you ahve joined the forum!!!
      I am sure you will get some interest from this site!
      Speak soon


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        Hi Esta

        I'm from the north west so won't get the opportunity to benefit from your great cause. Welcome to the forum, I'm new here but everyone is very helpful.

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          Good to see you here. I'm originally from Leicester and have a pretty good idea where you are. I hope it is a success.
          God helps them that help themselves.