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hello from the not so sunny north west coast of Ireland

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  • hello from the not so sunny north west coast of Ireland

    new to the site but nit to crafting,
    I like quilting and cross stitch, have tried a few other things,
    Looking forward to chatting to you all

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    Welcome to the forum - I'm hopefully starting my first quilt soon but the deadline for the competition I'm entering it into is the end of June It's only a mini quilt and not a proper one but I'd better get a wriggle on. I might be asking you for advice if I get stuck!!
    P.S. It's not so sunny in the north west of England either!
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      Hi and to the forum from me too. Believe it or not it's raining in wales aswell.
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        Hello and welcome.
        Raining in south UK too.

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          thanks fot the welcomes

          Guess we are lucky here cause its not raining just very dull and cold was going to wash the windows but is to coldddd.
          Don't know about advice not been that long at it.
          Had to enter a comp in March to make a table runner and ended up doing a couple of quilted panels on it one applique a nd a couple of embroidery panels It tuned out quite good although rushed the putting to gether bit the night before the judging. Got first in the diocese and then it went to dublin for judging and got second then so well pleased with my self

          What size is the one your doing swileyarts??

          I'm now doing a winnie the pooh one for my grand daughter (not that old really)


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            Greetings from Cambridge

            Its not raining yet, but the skies are threatening

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              Hello and welcome from me too!!! and it hasn't rained in Glasgow the whole day - ow damn gone and jinxed it now!!!



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                Hello and from me too!!! I think I may have to get my paddle out soon, we're getting plenty of the wet stuff in the Midlands!!!
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                  Hellooooooo and from me on my island in Cheshire!...looks like we have a river in the garden.

                  Canoe anyone?

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                    Hi, from me too.

                    I was going to put from a very wet lost city of Atlantis, but I've just been watching the news and seen so many rivers flowing through towns and villages and think myself very fortunate right now that mine isn't one of them.

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                      Hello and a warm

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                        Hello and it is sunny and extremly hot In Bulgaria
                        About 40 C

                        Welcome again !
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                          Hello and


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                              thanks once again for the welcomes

                              Am in the middle ( well almost middle but in true nearer the start) of a cot quilt which i intend doing for a local garden fete. Its on on sat so better go and do abit more quilting.

                              Any one any idea how much they make as i haven't a clue its not patch work just two bits of fabric and a peice of wadding in the middle a animal design on the front and thats what i'm quilting. going to do the edge then with a satin bias binding

                              cheers irishgeorgie