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I'm New...Wanted To Say HI From The USA

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  • I'm New...Wanted To Say HI From The USA

    Well hello all. How's everyone?
    I've been reading some of the newbies and I'm not too sure I'll fit in but I'd like to get to know you'all.

    I'm 50 a widowed mother of 4 boys ( 2 adopted ) 1 girl and grandmother to 3 1/3 ....2 girls 1 boy and one on the way

    I started making a kitchen gadget years ago from watching my dad. Then 25 yrs went by and I realized I haven't seen any of these gadgets we had been making. Soo... I started making them again and hanging them up in the local businesses to sell and offering them $1 for helping me. Been doing this for about 2 yrs. They sell very well, they actually sell themselves. I was having trouble keeping up with my orders because I was working part-time as well.

    A friend suggested I sell just the pattern for making the gadget. God bless her. It's easier for me to keep up and people are actually happy to have their own unique thing to offer at Garage Sales ( do you'all have Garage Sales...What are they called there? ) (You know, where you sell stuff you no longer need or want or anything really that you want to sell.)
    or Flea Market where all kinds of crafters or vendors have a booth every weekend, foods of all kinds etc

    My product is made by men and women alike, even teens and pre-teens with supervision. Men seem to like to make them most. They require a drilll and pliers mainly however, they really are easy to make.

    I recently put up a site and lowered my price for a short while to kinda test the WEB and see what happens.

    My URL is if anyone would

    like to learn about them. You can earn $6.50 profit at least for each $1.oo invested and they take 30 min or less to make. They are just very handy little lightweight kitchen gadgets that can be used for many different things.

    Anyway, I gotta go read some of the other posts. Please feel free to comment and I'm looking forward to chatting with you'all and learning new words or expressions BTW What's a bloke?

    Nice to meet you'all

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    Re: I'm New...Wanted To Say HI From The USA

    Hi Patricia,

    First of all welcome to the forums...

    Your site does come accross as a get rich quick lookie likely...
    um... I'm not sold .. sorry...
    Its quick confussing... A handmade item's pattern for sale has nothing wrong with it...

    Maybe you could get some of your happy customers to join the forum and comment too. ? :lol:

    goo luck..

    Originally posted by Patricia
    BTW What's a bloke?
    A bloke is a man...

    The urbandictionary really good for looking up slang...

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      Oh really! :idea: I sure didn't intend it to come across as a get rich plan. I was just stating how easy it really was to make a decent profit. I guess I was really excited that with such as small investment you could get such as large return considering an elderly neighbor I have that crochets for what seems to be hours to complete something and doesn't clear as much per hour.
      Thanks though for the input