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Hey guys :D from a pixie

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  • Hey guys :D from a pixie

    Im currently making mainly costume jewellery, a few clothes and custom bags and selling online. Im having trouble promoting and gaining sales due to the economic downturn at the minute as i know when there is no money people tend to cut out on the luxuries. I was told that a lot of sales my friend gets are from forums and thought id give it a try as i enjoy talking to the sellers on misi. My stuff is all as natural as i can make it and i use a lot of semi precious stones and brightly coloured beads and pendants. Please check out my store(my misi page can be found on my profile) its generally inspired by my like for fairy tales and mythical creatures!!

    Im trying to raise funds for a complimentary qualification to go alongside my current uni work in health and social care. The drugs awareness course is a lot of money so i need sales!! Other than that im a pixie, with half a shaved head and a gorgeous little boy who is almost 2.

    Im having trouble finding followers on twitter and the likes simply because i dont know how to accumulate people :P

    I also have a blog if anyone is interested? (which is also on my profile)

    Thanks guys!

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    Welcome to the forum. I couldn't look at your blog - it says the link is broken.

    Have you tried Folksy yet for selling?


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      Welcome to the forum great to see another newcomer. Hope your sales pick up soon
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        Hello and Welcome to the forum
        Ali x

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          Hi Pixie from another Misi mate, nice to see you here. Promotion is a long haul with lots and lots of work and you won't necessarily see a return straight away whatever medium you choose. Jean ( Talking Beads) has made a concerted push with Twitter and says its definately paying off for her.

          Good luck Mo.XX
          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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            Hi, welcome to the forum

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              thanks guys! yes i hope the sales pick up soon too maybe my blog address was written wrong in my profile, ill have a look now. Yes i have sold one item on folksy but have put all of my money for listing fees and effort ie: good shop photos etc into misi, yet not many people seem to have heard of it. should i pay my misi fees and try the same with folksy? Re-check my blog address if you could


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                right the link should be sorted now


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                  Welcome to the forum

                  It is a long hard slog getting sales no matter what the economic climate is (oohh look at me I sound infomative lol )

                  My advice is to keep networking on forums, Twitter is a fantastic tool aswell and the more you use it the more people find out about your items. Blog as much as possible and just join in and talk talk talk.
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                    Welcome to the website


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                      good to see you here. I've done that course in conjunction with Counselling for Drugs and Alcohol abuse, you will enjoy it.
                      God helps them that help themselves.