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    Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2005 10:27 am Post subject: Just joined this forum so i'm introducing myself

    Hi Carfters!

    Yep a bloke :shock: I've just joined your forum so I thought i'd start off by introducing myself & my Family.

    I'm Graeme and i'm 40 ??? How many, years old. I live in Essex for about two mopre months or so, then hopefully moving out to Cyprus. 8)

    I am Married to Nikki, who coinsidently has her own Craft web site,, please feel free to visit & any creative critisism is always appreciated.

    We have a daughter who has just turned one & is a handfull, as all parents are aware, I have two older children boy of 13 & daughter of 11 going on 21.

    I am new to this crafty stuff & am always looking @ different ways to talk to others with the same interests.

    The website is very new infact only been live for 2 weeks.

    Well, that's a lot about me. I hope I am welcome here. :!:

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    Your web address

    I'm new too, and decided I would come onto this section to introduce myself! But then got sidetracked with everyone else’s posts, I was reading yours and thought I would have a quick look at your site, but when I tried to access it through your link it said bad gateway? Have perhaps mis-spelt something? Looking forward to having a look.........when the problem is sorted……

    Marie x