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  • Hello Everyone - This Is Me!

    hello all my name is Becca and i live in the glorious middlands, i have a son who is 6 in 2 weeks ( going on 16 ), i am getting married in july to the most awsome man i have ever met, ( if you ever read this raj i love you, to the moon and the stars. ) sorry he'll undersatnd if no one else does. I am 26 years old and feel about 18, i am bonkers! i love making my friends laugh, and being the centre of attention ( in a good way ) ha ! so what made me start crafting, we'll when i had my smashing son, i got really bad depression, his "father" didn't want to no ( his loss ) and i felt like it was my fault, my mom got really worried and i ended up on medication, then my dad came round to my house and in a subtle loving father way said " come on kid you need to get out of this state your in, it's not healthy and you look like ****" and he asked me if there was anything i was interested in and he would pay for me to do a course at the local college, i freaked and didn't want to go, my dad was right i did look like ****, so we agreed i would do it through a home learning college and i did, i never looked back, i learnt how to sew and took it from there. 6 years on i'm a stronger person , i no it wasn't my fault now, i'm thankful to my parents for giving me this opportunity but absolutey most of all i thank my lovely boyfriend who has helped and supported me through everthing, and i am truley thankful, i am a very lucky girl, but the most important thing is i no how lucky i am and i don't take a single thing for granted, so that is me !

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    Hello and welcome, what kind of things do you make?

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      PND is the pitts! (from one who knows!)
      Welcome to the forum. It is a great place to have fun!
      Glad that your life is on the up!
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        I agree that PND is awful - had it with both mine and still getting over it with Tara. Anyway, enough about me - welcome to the forum
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          Hello and !!!
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            Hello Becca and


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              Hello there and

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                Hi there,
                hope you enjoy the forum - crafting has changed my life too - sounds like it's helped a whole heap of us! Do tell us what you are into making.
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                  Hi Becca,

                  to the forum. Hope you enjoy being around.

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                    Hello and Welcome!

                    Hi Becca!
                    Welcome to the forum. Crafting seems to have a positive effect on everyone. I know it has on me..maybe it should be given out by the government!! Really glad that you decided to join our forum and I look forward to getting to know you.
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                      Hi Becca, nice to meet you


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                        Good Morning!

                        Hello & Welcome

                        Well done on achieving all those must have been very hard work at times, but sounds very much as though itwas worth it!

                        Congratulations on the forthcoming wedding!

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                          Thanks Everyone

                          Thankyou All For You Lovely Comments, What Lovely People You All Are - Feel Free To Message Me Anytime X