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  • Paint splattered and happy

    Hi everyone

    I've chanced across this forum and it looks great. I qualified in Illustration donkey's years ago and did a few bits fresh out of college. London called and after some heady years of partying I settled down to have a family. It was only when number five was due that I felt massive yearnings to do something creative with my own time aside from washing up! The year before last I returned to my illustration and completed a couple of book projects, in the witching hours.

    Having finished the projects I set my sights on additonal work that I could do alongside the family. I have been selling painted glassware since December, alongside my own illustrations on my website and on Ebay. In the past I used to paint tea-lights for my family and friends occasionally. One suggested that I sell some and it turned out to be a great suggestion. It suits me down to the ground because I love the variety of projects and as the glassware is generally bought for special occasions it's wonderful to have that personal contact with customers and to be a part of those moments.

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    Hello and welcome - don't worry about the long introduction, I find it interesting to hear about people's lives and their crafting pursuits. I only have two small children (3 and 5) and find balancing that with part-time teaching and crafting hard enough - can't begin to imagine what it must be like with five! Would really like to see some of your work - have you got a link to your website?



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      to the forum.

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        Hi Kim and Caroline and thank you so much for the friendly welcome.

        I had a look at your websites. Kim your frames are so lovely! I love personalised gifts. I find that one of the big advantages of doing crafty bits for kids is that it saves a bomb on pressies for parties. Your children are similar in age to mine so you must have the same. Ours are 8, 6, 4, 4 and 2.

        Caroline, your silver jewellery is stunning. I read some of your blog and particularly like the Red & White Crystal on the silver charm.

        Thank you so much again for your kind replies.

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          Hi lou, welcome to the forum.

          You're illustrations are amazing, a true talent you have there! I can't imagine having five kids, 2 are more than enough for me!

          You can put your website link within your signature. The 25 post rule relates to links in the body of your posts.


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            Hi cj and thank you so much for the kind message and the signature pointer. I've had a go, hopefully it will work! Five kids are great, the housework is a bit of a pain though lol.

            I had a look at your page. I'm like a child in a sweetshop tonight enjoying everyone's handmade goods. Your work is really lovely and it's fascinating to see how you do it.

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