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  • New Crafter On Board!

    Hi everyone. I am MoMo from West Lothian, Scotland.

    I love making cards, and have done one scrapbook so far. I have created a website to try to sell some of the cards I keep making - so many to make but so few to send..... means I have boxes of cards which never see the light of day so here's hoping I can try selling them online.

    I would be grateful for any comments if you have a minute to check out my site. I am kinda new to all this so not sure how good it has to be before cards start selling. Do cards sell online? Any comments (good or bad) will be very welcome.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you all around the forum.


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    Welcome to the forum Momo. Difficult to read your intro with all those bouncing smilies making my geriatric eyes go funny!


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      Hello and . Good luck selling your cards. The forum is a great place to be, you will get addicted so it's a good job you've already got lots of stock!!!
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        Hi Momo! Welcome aboard!!

        Know there are lots of people here with websites up and running so I'm sure you'll get lots of help and advice!


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          Hi Momo, nice to meet you

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            Hi Momo and welcome to the forum. There are lots of card makers here (including me) so i'm sure they'll be plenty of help/inspriation and chatting.

            I have had a quick look at your website but was a bit confused as you say you want to sell your cards on the internet but yet i couldn't find a 'shop' part on your site.

            Anyway best of luck with it all and i look forward to getting to know you
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              Hi Momo

              This is a wonderful place to meet and exchange knowledge ... and have a good laugh.


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                Hello and

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                  Hello and welcome to the forum from a fellow scot.

                  Had a wee look see at your site. Couldn't see a shop - are you still getting that side of things up and running?

                  There are lots of card makers here who will give you tons of advice.

                  Good luck.


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                    Hello and welcome

                    Hello Momo!
                    Welcome to the forum from another card maker. Everyone here is friendly and helpful so you will have a great time.
                    I used to sell my handmade cards off my website (don't do it anymore as I have moved on to designing backing papers) it was hard work to tell you the truth. As most of the crafters here will agree, for some reason people seem to think handmade means it should be cheaper than the factory made tat in the shops so they are pretty reluctant to pay anything for cards. I did have some success though so it's not all doom and gloom! Good luck with getting the website up and running..if you need any help just shout.
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                      Good Morning!

                      Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

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                        welcome to the forum. I had a look at your website. As others have said, couldn't see a shop on there to purchase your cards. Maybe you're developing this at the moment. Also, I would make sure that your photo's are crystal clear and are clickable to view a larger image. After all you want people to be able to see your work clearly and big so they can see all the detail. The better they can see it the more chance they will buy it.

                        Just my thoughts. Hope that helps.

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                          Hope you manage to get some work done now you've found us.. it's not always conducive to getting things done.

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                            Thanks for all the welcome replies. I look forward to spending lots of time on the forum!

                            As for my site, some of you have commented there is no shop facility - I wouldnt know how to do this. Have managed to do the website using MS Publisher but no idea how to do shop stuff. I dont have available funds to buy webspace or have someone do it for me so not sure if this is going to work out.... why didn't I think about the shop????

                            I will have a look around some sites and see whats what - I feel so stupid now!



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                              Don't feel stupid, we have all had to learn.

                              If you are looking for a shopping cart I would try Paypal. You have to pay a percentage of everything that you sell however there is no outlay on your part (you don't have to buy a cart, get a merchant bank account etc).

                              Hope this is of some use.



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