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Hi from Anglesey N. Wales

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  • Hi from Anglesey N. Wales

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Jane from Anglesey in North Wales. I love dabbling in loads of different crafts and I also enjoy drawing but my main love is working with glass. I've just finished my 2nd and last year doing an NVQ in fused and stained glass. Out of the two I've decided I prefer stained glass, so I shall shortly have a small kiln and various powders, frits and other paraphinalia including books to do with fused glass for sale !! Although I like traditional stained glass I do try and do more contemporary themed glass.
    I've been in a corner of the forum lurking for quite a while now, but finally plucked up the courage to say Hello .

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    Hi Jane, I joined today too

    I had a lesson in glass fusing at the beginning of the year, but daren't venture any futher until I have somewhere else to do it - glass splinters and cats paws don't go well together

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      Hi there and welcome to the forum from Mid Wales. I must say i had a look on your website to see if i could find your name but got distracted when reading your home page - the please beware nudity bit. Of course i had to click and have a peep...............hehe.

      I'm sure you'll enjoy your time on here and now i've mentioned nudity just wait for your stat counter to hit an all time high (the men especially won't be able to resist a peak)
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        OK.............I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what did you expect?.............and you spelled 'miscellaneous' wrong.
        Oh, welcome!


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          Welcome from another glassy person! Love your tree sprite abs fab

          Contemporary glass fusion designs - sculptures - wall panels - functional items - outdoor sculptures. We also run Silver & Glass workshops here in Cheshire - kiln space also offered.


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            An all time high would be great Emma I did the website ages ago, and as much as I enjoyed making all the buttons and the web pages etc by the time it got round to trying to show it off more I'd got bored and gone back to doing crafts lol !! My name's Jane by the way and thanks for the welcome both.


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              Hi Jane!

              Good Evening & Welcome!

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                Your web site has some amazing stuff and will take some exploring which I intend to do at another time. At this moment in time i am supposed to be investigating roof boxes for our next up coming camping trip... not as wild as your trips sound. DH left me looking and took middle son to singing lesson. He's mad to think i'll stick to the task in hand... had to come on the forum to catch up. I'll click back as soon as I hear the car come back and then say "wow these roof boxes are really interesting". I'm off singing in a bit so DH will probably spend the rest of the night investigating.
                If we don't get on then there is no room for the matresses and chairs! and I really can't face sleeping on the ground for another camping trip!
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                  Thanks for pointing that out Peter ( there's always one isn't there !) when I've got nothing better to do for about 5hrs I'll change all the buttons and headers lol !!

                  Debbie I had a quick look at your website, you've got some beautiful fused glass there, my favourite so far was the waterfall in woodland on oak.Very clever idea to mount some of the fused glass on canvas.

                  Beadsbydesign ...I don't mind wild camping but I've got to have a good quality air bed, my old bones don't like hard ground, thinking about it it they didn't like hardground when they were young either lol !!
                  What a great welcome thanks all.


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                    Hi Jane!

                    from me!!! I make mosaics - only started this year but I love it. And I'm addicted to this forum, beware - there is no escape from the addiction!!!

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                      Hello and welcome to the forum.

                      Just had to take a peek at your Pastels and Oils (well quite a long peek actually).



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                        Hello, glad you came out of hiding and plucked up the courage to speak to us as we aren't too scary!
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                          Good Morning!!!


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                            Hello Jane,
                            Welcome to the forum, sorry I'm so late! Enjoy your time here.
                            Anice xx
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                              Hi Jane,

                              welcome to the forum. I'm usually last with the hello's!! Always seem to miss them!!

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