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  • A Big Hello

    Hi, my name is Sarah and I've not long started to attend craft fairs in my local area - Leicestershrie. I make and sell hand-made chocolates. There doesn't seam to be many craft fairs in Leicestershire that I can find out about, some people are very secretive about these things! If anyone knows of any taking place in South Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, or in the West Midlands could you please let me know. I'm willing to travel upto roughly an hour from Leicester. Thanks
    Sarah xx

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I have to say that thats my kind of craft - chocolate..........yum. I would be hopless at making it as i'd eat it all as i was making it. If ever you need a tester i can volunteer my professional choclate eating services

    There might be some fairs listed in your area in the craft fairs section.

    Hope to speak to you soon
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      Im right in the middle of Nottingham and Derbyshire.
      A couple of times a year we organise a local craft fair in a village called West Hallam.
      We are waiting for the village council to get back to us at the moment. When i have dates etc ill post them on the craft fairs forum.


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        Hi and welcome.

        I'm in Leicestershire aswell, North. Craft fairs around here are few and far between but if I hear of any I'll let you know.

        The Arts and Crafts in the village people have a few venues set up throughout the year (the market harborough people) but I find there table prices too expensive, (for me).

        Good luck.
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          Hi Sarah,

          to the forum

          What a wonderful craft to have, but I'm afraid I would eat the profits!! So i'll stick to soaps! I'm in Derbyshire and have the same problem finding the right events to attend.


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            Hi Sarah!

            I do wish you lived in the South West....we could desperately use a chocolatier at our fairs!

            Welcome to the forum!

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              Hi Sarah!

              I have the same problem as you when it comes to finding craft fairs - there seem to be hardly any in Staffs (that I can find out about anyway). I use to find them plus the forum.

              Hmmm...if I meet you at a fair one day I think I may have to sample your chocolate. What a shame eh???!!!

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                Hi there and to the forum, what a sinful craft you have, lol!!!

                Hope you find many more craft fairs to attend!!
                Emma xx

                Oooo I wonder what will happen if I put my finger in here...........?


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                  OOOooh i think i am loving your craft the most! How do you manage to ever have any left over to sell!??? I'm down south so i don't know of much craft wise in staffs, i think people have mentioned already but the craft fairs website and the section on the forum are good places to start!

                  Good luck!
                  Lisa xx
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                    I am late welcoming you to the forum as usual. I'm in Glasgow so not much use I'm afraid, but chocolate if you happen to break the odd piece or two I can think of a very good place to send them too!!!!

                    All the best.

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                      Hello from me..
                      Hand made choccies yummie!!
                      I'm surprised you say people are secretive, i know they can be if you do popular crafts (like jewellery/cards) but i would think choccies are quite rare so wonder why people are secretive with the details,
                      still some folk can be funny.
                      I'm sure once you find out about some fairs you will have no trouble getting in as it sounds like a great thing to have at an event!! Good Luck


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                        Welcome Sarah...Hope you'll like the forum....


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                          Hi Sarah
                          Welcome to the forum.. sorry I am so late. I am afraid I can't offer you any advice about local craft fairs to you but if there are any going on you are sure to find out about it here. Enjoy your time here.
                          Anice xx
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                            Lovely warm welcome

                            Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome. I should have a website up and running shortly so I'll let you know and you can all indulge in a sinful treat! I will look out for the dates in Derbyshire and post any shows I find here aswell.

                            Sarah xx

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                              Hi chocolate girl,

                              if you ever need any tasters...

                              But seriously, have you thought of contacting local primary schools? A lot of them have summer fetes and Christmas craft fairs

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