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  • Newbie in Kent

    Hello everyone
    I am a 32 year old from Paris and I now live in Faversham (well it's been 4 years now). I'm really glad I have found a UK craft forum so I decided to join. Always nice to talk with like minded people

    I've always loved to crochet but could never think of anything to crochet other than pouches and bags. That was before I discovered Amigurumi (Japanese craft - it is all crochet in the round and you make super cute little creatures, usually with a tiny body and a huge head!) and since then I have been crochetting like mad.

    I sell some of my creations in a local art gallery and now seriously thinking of starting a shop on Etsy. But first thing first, I need a decent camera so that I can take proper pictures of my work!

    I will post some pictures and patterns soon (not very good at writting patterns yet! I always manage to write the first 10 rounds and then I lose track!!) . I also knit but can only knit squares or scarves! So for now I'll stick to my crochet hooks (always carrying some around with some yarn... just in case!)

    Voila for the little story
    thanks for reading
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    Welcome to the fourms..

    hmmm esty..

    Many people have esty shops here but I'm not longer a big fan as it is quite low on buying traffic vs fellow crafters bit like ebay ..

    Best of luck anyway..

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      to the forum.

      It's very friendly around here, hope you enjoy it.

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        Hi and welcome from me too. Your crochet friends sound very interesting, can't wait to see some. I used to go to crochet classes when i was about 10. Wouldn't have the foggiest where to start now.

        Hope you enjoy it here.
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          Welcome to the forum, from a fellow Kentonian!


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            Bonjour, je have been to Paris et le Eiffel Tower et c'est tres jolie, et le view from Sacre Cur c'est magnifique.

            And that is why I dont speak french but.... Id thought Id make an attempt.
            Hello and welcome form me.


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              Hello lapapaye,
              Welcome to the forum. everyone here is really great so join in when ever you can for a chat! I look forward to getting to know you better.
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                Hello and welcome! I have an Etsy shop to but haven't sold anything through it as yet, although have made a few purchases (oops!!!). How do you find it for selling your crafts? There are some really lovely things on there
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                  Did you feel the earthquake ?

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                    Welcome from me too!!!
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                      Good Evening & Welcome.....

                      I speak french like a backwards I won't bother even trying to welcome you in french..

                      But Welcome anyway!

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                        I love Amiguri (have I spelt it correctly?) they are very cute! Have you seen the Amiguri groups on Flickr - I could spend ages looking at them!
                        Welcome by the way
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                            Late as usual.

                            Hello and welcome to the forum!!

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                              Good morning!!