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  • Hello from Hampshire

    Hi all! I am a new member in this forum.

    My name is Yiota and I live in Hampshire with my hubby and my cocker spaniel, Hector.

    I LOVE cross stitch and my hobby is now my job! I have created a website and sell fine art and victorian cross stitch charts.

    I hope to meet other enthusiastic cross stitchers in here.

    Hope to meet you all soon xxx
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    Hi Yiota, welcome to the forum!
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      Hi Yiota,
      I'm an enthusiastic Cross stitcher too! Good luck with you website too - I also have one of those!
      What are you stitiching at the moment? I'm doing a Baby Sampler from Cinnamon Cat designs.
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        Hi Yiota, Welcome I'm sure you will like it here, i'm not a cross stitcher, but will give anything a go - more into your ordinary stitching and fabrics
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          Welcome to the forum. I used to cross stitch but i don't get much time for it these days, I'm too busy making soap!


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            Hi Yiota and welcome to the forum.

            Lovely name by the way.

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              Hi Yiota im a cardmaker and scrapbooker. I used to do a lot of cross stitch, especially love miribella and Janome designs, dont get much time to do it anymore at the moment too but i have plenty of kits and charts stored away for when i retire!!!
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                Hi from me toooo

                I used to be into cross stitch but just don't have the time these days. I'm a card maker now and would like to have a go with beads soon.
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                  Hello tooo!!!!
                  My mum does cross stitch and keeps saying that I should give it a go, but it looks too complicated for me and I'd end up making it up as I go along
                  So, I'll stick to the cards, toppers and embellishments!

                  This is a fab forum in case you've not realised - I've picked up loads of helpful stuff and everyone is really friendly!!


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                    Hello Yiota, welcome to the forum.
                    Look forward to chatting
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                      Hello Yiota,
                      Welcome to the forum from me too! Join in as often as you can but be prepared it can be a bit addictive.
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                        Welcome to the forum, it's a nice friendly place. I have I don't know how many cross stitch kits squirrelled away: I particularly like Heritage Stitchcraft. It's my eyesight that lets me down: I have to whip off the specs to see fine stitching nowadays.

                        I keep saying I'll keep them till I retire and then stitch all day!


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                          Hello Yiota, how are you and welcome to the forum, i am a new member and it is a friendly and fantastic place to meet people who have a interest in craft. I am from Queensland, Australia and make fabric wall hangings, i do not know anything about victorian cross stitch but i am very interested in what your fine art is. Can you show me some pictures at some stage. Nice to talk to you from kimt
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                            Hi, Yiota,

                            Nice to meet you.


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                              hello and welcome
                              full time mum and very very part time crafter.