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  • Free Stuff website and introduction note

    hi there every one

    couldnt find anywhere to introduce myself so i thought as i have a website id use here!(sorry if thats too cheeky)

    Im 24 years old and a mother of two girls ones 4 and ones 2, i love scrapbooking and could do it all day long,i like finding new ideas and tools to use for my album and i also like free stuff and making money! which is the website i run!

    hope i am welcome here and hope to learn lots of new stuff!! :P

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    wow,the same age with me

    but i don't have any children and I am single now.
    let's make friends,ok?


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      Well hi there, im new too, I would love to swap site url's with you, I am the curious type... :wink: I am into making a huge mess and creating something beautiful at the end.....lololololol
      nice to meet you anyway.
      free printables,templates,kids activities,tutorials with photo\'s at


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        Hi Guys, another newey!! I too have just started my own website and would love to swop urls with you.

        I am a 'silver surfer' but young at heart. Not really that old but disabled and the PC keeps my brain from going too cabbage like.

        Look forward to hearing from you - all the best - Rosemarie


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          The previous posts - which are very old - are only still there because they were 'dead'. We do not advocate 'swapping urls' on this forum. It's always worth having a little look at the rules, there aren't many.