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  • Hello from the South Coast!

    Hello Ladies!

    I am new to this site and wanted to introduce myself. Im the wrong side of 30 and started cardmaking about 4 years ago. I got totally hooked on it and this year, after a horrendous year in 2006, my hubby helped me set up my own website selling cardmaking and scrapbooking bits. Business is very slow though as we only started in February and people don't yet know we exist!

    Anyway, that's enough about me, what do you all do?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.....Its never to late to start - so they say! And its better than not starting at all.

    Lovely forum -lovely people with help and advice and banter in abundance.

    I work with glass but I do love cards....I sometimes make some up for the art fairs...people like images of work as well as the originals themselves.

    Good luck with your business. Early days yet - give it time.

    Contemporary glass fusion designs - sculptures - wall panels - functional items - outdoor sculptures. We also run Silver & Glass workshops here in Cheshire - kiln space also offered.


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      I am keeping my fingers crossed as it want to earn enough to move my business out of my dining room and into a unit or shop! I want to see my dining table again!

      Dinky Lady

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        Hi and welcome to the forum! Do you do crafts full time? I make mosaics and am just starting to sell. It takes time but be patient and positive Lots of great people here, you will love it I promise!
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          Yes, I gave up my job as an HLTA (higher Level Teaching Asst) in December 2006 to do this.

          My poor hubby is supporting me at the moment though as i haven't earnt enough to pay myself yet! Bless him.

          Where's that violin???


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            Hi welcome to the forum from me too. I'm also a paper crafter, theres nothing i enjoy more than having an evening to myself and make cards, although these days i tend to spend all my spare time on the forum!

            I'm sure you'll enjoy it here
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              It does get addictive doesn't it!

              I have been known to go on forums well into the early hours! The only problem is that we still have to get up the following day for the kids!


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                Hi there,
                I too got out of the classroom in 2006 in favour of a my craft business; hang on in there - it does take ages to get going on the web - hope it turns around for you soon and I look forward to chatting more ( I make cards too, but I'm no expert.)
                Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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                  Hi and welcome to the forum.
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                    Tell me about it, i went to bed at 4am last night and had to get up at 7;30am. It's a good job i'm not working today.
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                      Hello, welcome.
                      I am a jewellery maker, nothing too technical, costume jewellery really.
                      I started last year and sell at parties. Am in the middle of making a website, but it's slow going as i'm not very technically minded!!
                      I do love it though, and have given up one of my jobs a month ago so that i have more time to spare (athough that theory hasn't quite worked out, the weather has been soo good here that my other job is taking up all the spare time i would have had!!)
                      Guess what that job is? Clue is in my username!!
                      Anyway enjoy it here it's great!


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                        WOW! you could be the next Duncan Bannatyne! I am reading his biography at the moment and that's how he started out! Is it your own business??


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                          Good Afternoon & Welcome to the Forum!

                          I've made cards, although I only do ones with handsewn pictures now. Doesn't matter what crafts I try, I always return to sewing. Haven't had much time to sew recently, organising the craft fairs is taking over.....

                          Apple Tree Crafts


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                            Ha ha, no it's not mine but i do manage it, and feel like it is sometimes!!
                            Going to look at a shop in Colchester that we are trying to get, but the planning people are a pain.
                            Found a loophole though, can have it as an ice cream parlour/coffee shop if it is an 'internet cafe as well!! how cool is that!! I'll be on here all day!! No ice cream would get made!!!!
                            So could be a small chain soon you never know!!!


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                              I will look out for it!

                              Southsea seafront is just calling out for something new like that!