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  • Hi from NW London

    Hi there.

    My name is Jenny, I am a mum to two wonderful young children and am engaged to be married (next year) to Simon. We live in NW London.

    I have always been creative, previously having a graphics website although that is something I gave up shortly after my first child was born.

    My youngest is just approaching his first birthday and I am finding I have a little more time now to get back to these things.

    I have recently dabbled in cake decorating, card making and beading/jewellery making - mostly while making the accessories and jewellery for our upcoming wedding.

    Right, off to have a look around, chat soon I hope x

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    Good Evening, welcome from me!!
    Oooooh a wedding, are you gonna make anything your self for it, like favours, invites jewellery etc???
    Tell us all....


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      Welcome to the forum - there are a few of us on here that are mums as well as crafters so you are in good company!
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        Hi Jenny,

        Sounds like you're very happy! That's great Welcome to the forum - you'll really love it I'm sure. We're all very friendly and everyone is always full of great advice and conversation. Enjoy and look forward to talking to you.

        Katian Mosaics

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          Thansk fro the warm welcome.

          Yes I have made the invites, save teh dates ect salready.

          I have also made my jewellery - swarovski necklace earrings and bracelet. The favours for the ladies I have made keyrings and mobile charms with swarovski hearts to match our colour scheme the gents are getting miniture whisky bottles (married in gretna lol) with the clan name and tartan on as fiance's mum is part scottish. ummm.. I have customised a plain veil to match my dress and am about to start making the bridesmaids jewellery for them. I also need to make my daughters headdress as she is flowergirl.

          I am also in the process of doing my sons first birthday cake - a small one but two tiers in pale blue with a noahs ark theme.

          oh yes - need to make up my guest book at some point too. I had my garter made but should have done it myself - I didnt have the confidence but everything ese has worked out ok so far


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            Awww it all sounds luvly.
            You will have to post some piccies.
            When's the big day?
            And you bake!! You put me to shame.
            Mind you, good job you've already done a lot as now you've found us you won't get much of anything done!!!!


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              Hi welcome to the forum, you've certainly got your work cut out haven't you. I've had 2 'hands on' weddings myself and I know that they start off being small 'do it yourself' affairs and by the end of it you end up doing it all yourself!!!
              I'm sure that if you've got plenty of time to prepare then everything will go really well and it's always really gratifying when you have done something yourself.
              I'm waffling now...
              Looking forward to chatting again.

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                Hi Jenny, welcome

                I'm Sam, wahm to Emma who is 19mths old.
                Hope to chat soon x and see lovely pics of birthday cakes and pre-wedding preparations!
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                  I dunno............if it's not babies it's weddings...................anyone would think it's all wimmin' on 'ere................
                  Oh, welcome by the way!


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                    Welcome !

                    Hello Jenny,
                    Welcome to the forum. everyone here is great so join in as often as you can, though looking at your posts I doubt that you will have much spare time on your hands!! It's great to meet you.
                    Anice xx
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                      Hi Jenny, welcome from me too.

                      You are busy with all the wedding prep. Would love to see some of your work. Hope you enjoy it here.

                      I'm a mum too, 3 kids oldest nearly 10 and youngest 15 months.

                      Look forward to chatting with you.
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                        I'm late again!

                        Hello & Welcome!

                        Seriously impressed with all your wedding prep - you've done so much, especially having little ones to cope with too!

                        Are you doing the wedding cake? I did one for friends about 15 years ago. Three oval tiers, in ivory with deepest red roses on top. I'd just iced the largest one with the fondant icing, and the phone rang. Whilst i answered it, my darling daughter, who was then 2, decided she wanted to help, and smacked this cake with the rolling pin in her enthusiasm.....I never did find out who got the slice that was mostly icing! (I did a filler job....)

                        She's 17 now, the daughter, and all enthusiasm for helping me do anything has long since gone but she still loves to make a mess....!

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                          Hi Jenny, Sorry i'm late!! Welcome to the forum, now you have met alot of the friendly folk already you know what i mean when i say we're a nice bunch

                          Wow you really have been busy! Can't wait to see the pictures of all the finished pieces

                          Lisa xx
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                            Hi Jenny

                            Sorry it took so long for me to reply, i am new also and am a mother as well. My youngest is 14 month old boy and have a 6 year old girl. I am addicted to forums as i love to chat as much as the next women. I make fabric wall hangings in my spare time and would love to own my own business one day. It must be exciting for you to be making the accessories for your own wedding. When do you get married? Welcome and have fun from kimt
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                              Hello and welcome.

                              Sorry I'm late - always at the tale end me!!

                              Good luck with the wedding - you are certainly a busy lady. And all the way to Gretna - you could come up and see me in Glasgow!!!lol.

                              All the best.

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