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  • hello from another new crafter

    I,ve just joined & would love to hear any tips & best practice from others who have attended craft fairs. i've done a couple of local small craft fairs & still feel a bit like a fish out of water. i have booked at some larger ones this year & would appreciate any helpfull advice.

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    There are plenty of people here who can give you lots of advice on craft fairs. I'm afraid i'm not one of them, just thought i'd say hello and welcome to the forum.
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      Hi neither I'm afraid but Hello and welcome from me too
      Lorraine xx
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        Hi there. I#m wishing you all the luck in getting advice, but i'm pretty new too.
        Welcome to the forum.
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          Hi there,

          I do craft fairs and I can honestly say everyone is different you have good days and bad days. Try and do fairs where the other crafters hand make their goods to because you have no chance selling when you are up against mass produced crap!!

          Take plenty of change, plenty of food (as you end up eating your profits) and go with the flow and enjoy it. Do you have any business cards of flyers? I give these out with every candle I sell and get some repeat business.

          Good luck.

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            Hi and Welcome! You will like it here, everyone helps where they can

            I will give you advice as soon as i have some We are pretty new on the crafting scene too, we have our first big craft fair booked but it isn't for a while yet! We're still trying to get our heads round the insurance ....
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              Hi and welcome! I have only done a few fairs too, both which went very badly!!! I am not giving up though...I think May is going to be my month Good luck with your up and coming fairs and if there's anything in particular you want to know check out the crat fair section and if it's not there post a new thread! Enjoy the forum and I hope you find it useful!
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                thanks for all the replies & support. i'm looking forward to hopefully selling my stuff through craft fairs & i've recently set up a web site too. it's just a long slow process building up sales. patience is something i have to work at. thanks


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                  Hello and welcome to the forum, sorry I am so late in welcoming you! I am afraid I don't attend craft fairs, my CDs sell on my website and in retail stores but I know what you mean about having patience for sales coming, when I started out last year it was slow going but you have to keep on going advertising, getting you brand name known etc and in the end you will see some pay back for all your hard work. Good luck
                  Anice xx
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                    Good evening & Welcome!

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                      Hi there good morning welcome along.


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                        Hi there welcome on board, im new here too but am hooked already.
                        Havent done any fairs but i did sell my handmade cards on our local market for a couple of years before i got my shop a year ago. It was a hard work but worth it. I didnt attend fairs cause there was so many people already doing cards and on our local market i was exclusive. Now i have gone to the other side and am selling stuff to the people who make cards instead, i have even converted some of my former card buying customers into cardmaking customers.
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                          Welcome from a fellow jewellery type person!....I'm just getting started with the fayres too as ebay seems to have gone pairshaped!
                          There's loads of really friendly and helpful people here so i'm sure you'll get all the answers you need.
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