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  • can anybody help??

    hello there fellow crafters, i know this is not craft related but i thought hey cant hurt to ask. me and my kids want a dog and dont even know where to start rang the RSPCA and they said it would cost me £80 to get a dog from them which is rediculous as i am giving that dog a loving caring home, the dog would cost enough with its food, lead, collar, tag, chain, bed, toys etc so i really could not afford that amount of money. my kids are 2yr, 7yr & 8yr and they love animals and would love to have a dog to grow up with, i dont want a big dog and not a puppy either it needs to be around 12-18mth so it is potty trained etc. any help would be ssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo grateful thanks everyone xxxxxx
    "One mans trash is another mans treasure" so my nan said so i am a great recycler!!!

    My kids are my i love them so very much ALWAYS AND FOREVER .

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    The reason RSPCA, Dogs Trust, and other rescue centres charge so much, is that they have to try to recover some of their expenses from looking after the animal in kennels. It also stops the 'easy come, easy go' sort of person that used to buy their kid a dog for christmas. They don't know you from Adam - they have no way of knowing you are as caring as you obviously are, I live in Yorkshire - I see the uses 'caring' dog owners put their animals to!
    Your best bet is to ask around friends - you would be surprised how many dogs there are out there! If mine doesn't stop asking to go out he'll be on the streets with a begging bowl by the morning!


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      When i went to a dogs home they said i couldn't have one as i worked part time (16 hours then), my fence around the garden was under 6 foot, and i had a child under 5. They also wanted to charge about £100. This was with the ncpp or something like that.

      How ridiculous, the criteria they want you to meet is stupid - most people work, a lot have kids under 5 and a lot don't even have a garden.

      Anyway after monthe of searching on the internet (as i wanted a boxer) i gave up and looked in my local papers. It took a month but i found one in the end. I think it would be a very good place to start looking.

      Also as you are looking for a 12/18 month old don't forget to ask why they're getting rid and look around there house for signs of 'doggy damage'. I personally would recommend getting a puppy they don't take long to train also it could take you a lot longer to undo someone else's work on an older dog.

      Once you have decided on what breed of dog you would like there are websites that will give you loads of info on the breed, food they need, amount of excercise, are they good with kids etc.

      Hope this helps.
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        It's very difficult to advise you. I've always had at least one dog, ever since I was a child, and have had mongrels and pedigrees both.

        Mongrels tend to be less prone to expensive genetic medical problems. With a pedigree at least you'll know its final size, shape and hairiness!

        Some pedigrees are quite nervous and need very careful handling, and some are just tykes and get on with everyone. My own beautiful pedigree labrador, Prim, is so laid back you wouldn't believe it - she is almost bomb-proof.

        One thing I would do before you even consider getting a dog of any description, is read as much as possible about them. Think about it carefully - it's not wise to get one just on a whim or because you think the children should have one. It will be you looking after him, not the children. Take it from me - I've been there!

        Remember you will have him or her for anything up to 16 years: he will be part of the family: he will need not only vast amounts of hard cash spent on him, but loads of time, love, and attention. Have you got that to spare? Dogs want and need to be loved, and to be part of the pack.They become desolate if they are ignored, and then there can be behavioural problems.

        Unless you are prepared to spend the time and attention he will need, in training and walks and so on, I wouldn't consider having one - it wouldn't be fair on the dog.Don't underestimate how much time and attention he will need.

        Everyone has their favourite breed of dog, and everyone will argue the case for their favourite: I just love all types of dog.

        I found my greyhound Clare was very docile - she was an ex-racing greyhound and they are by nature docile, quite idle, really, but they are big. They can have behavioural problems. Depends which racing kennels they were in and how they were treated there.

        My German pointer Em was gorgeous - she was an ex-explosives sniffer dog from the RAF. But boy was she bouncy, mad as a box of frogs. Not very obedient either: we had to go to classes!(That's why she was an EX-explosives sniffer dog - she wouldn't obey orders!)

        Jack Russells, though small and very loyal, can be yappy and snappy.

        The list goes on.

        But I do beg you, before you make a final decision, to read, read, read as much as you can about The Dog.

        I currently have two: Prim and a border collie/labrador cross called Moll. Both are lovely old girls, but in one twelve month period Prim cost us close to £2500 in vet's bills, to treat eczema, infected ears and finally a possible blockage in the bowel ( we inherited these problems with the dog - although she's nearly 10 we've only had her for 18 months).

        I don't want to put you off, because all dogs deserve a loving and happy home, but I do urge you to think very hard first.


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          Dogs are a fabulous pet, but they really are more expensive to keep than people seem to realise.
          Our labrador costs us at least 100.00 a month just on food. And then you've got the vets bills on top of that.
          I wouldn't be without him, he's part of the family, but i haven't got any children so it's easier for us, we have him trained just how we want, but then we had the time to put into it.
          When you think about it, 80.00 to the RSPCA really is nothing compared to what the dog will cost you in the long term.
          Personally i would say that it's worth paying the dogs home for a dog as at least you know what you are getting. Especially as you have young children.
          If you buy a dog privately you don't know what kind of personality/problems the dog has and also i agree that buying an older one is quite often harder work as they might not be trained very well so you will have to undo all the bad habbits!!
          After all that, you if you find the right one, a dog will bring you lots of fun times so i wish you luck!!!


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            thank you all for your replys and advice it was all extremely useful, i know i would end up looking after the dogs we have two gerbils and fish and guess what its me who looks after them even after drumming it into the kids they are there responsability haha i must of been mad but i honestly dontmind, i used to have loads of pets when i was a child and love them

            i would have the time to take it for walks excersise etc and thinking about the money and advice on getting a puppy i agree RSPCA is quite resonable and a puppy would be best cos then i can train it and it can get used to the kids at a young age thank you all so much xxx
            "One mans trash is another mans treasure" so my nan said so i am a great recycler!!!

            My kids are my i love them so very much ALWAYS AND FOREVER .


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              there are plenty of other places out there that rescue dogs, we have several round us, by paying a fee it shows you are serious about it, which i agree with.

              we rescued a black lab, 15 years ago, he was 1 when we got him he had been chained across his nose and starved, when we got him he was so scared, for the next year if anyone shouted or slammed a door he would just wee on the spot, but he got over it and and we had him for 15 lovely years, we put him to sleep last year after 4years of cancer and he was just too poorly, but i hope we gave him the best life we could after a bad start, it is so rewarding but be prepared for the baggage the dog may bring.

              we also have another black lab which we have had for about 5 years from a puppy, he is just great, very easily trained, such a character, we are contemplating having another dog, very early talks at the minute, i think it will be more like if one comes up rather than us going looking.

              on the subject of children, as long as you train your children as well as your dog you should'nt have any problems, mine are all grown up now, but my youngest was 18 months when we got our first dog, without any problems, as long as they respect the dog he will be fine too.
              good luck with your search
              Lorna x

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                We had our border collie from a resuce centre. We had to complete an application form prior, spent almost all day at the centre discussing it and walking dogs! We paid about £120, which included all the vet fees (Jess had to be neutered and have her injections), insurance for the first 6 weeks and her dog food. It also goes towards the costs of the shelter, as it is competely voluntary and they rely on this and donations to keep going.

                I would always go to a rescue centre for a dog, they had so many there and the sad thing is the older the dog, the less people want them. I know I didn't get to experience life with Jess as a puppy, but I wouldn't change that for the world. I love my dog to bits and it's as if she's always been mine. Sorry to go on, just love my doggie!!!!

                Oh, and as you have children, make sure you find out from the rescue centre if the dog has been around children before, as not all dogs are good to have around children, or if they are not used to them it may not be a good idea.
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