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  • Hello!

    Hi there

    I'm very pleased to have found this forum as I've started jewellery making in the last few months and have become completely obsessed! It's nice to know there's somewhere I can go and chat to fellow enthusiasts.

    The original reason for starting was to make jewellery for my daughters' school Xmas Fair, which was yesterday. We did fairly well and sold quite a lot, but I still have stock left and am also desperate for an excuse to carry on making. I could really do with some advice about how to make it at least pay for itself (I don't have any big dreams or anything). I've spent a lot on materials so far, but after yesterday I've pretty much broken even and have lots left to use. Any thoughts on how I can find potential buyers? There are a couple more local fairs, but they all seem to have established jewellery stalls already.

    All advice very much appreciated!


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    Hello Becky and welcome

    Sound like you had a really great day yesterday - well done.

    You will find lots of helpful advice on the forum from fellow jewellery makers for ways to get your products known and out there

    There are plenty of reasons to carry on making - you will see that there are lots of positive feelings about 2010 on the forum, so important to stick with it.

    Have a look at the website - this has details of forthcoming fairs that may be ideal for you to sell your jewellery at. Some of the 'established' jewellery makers you mention may not necessarily be hand-made. I attended a fair recently and the two jewellery stalls there were definitely not hand-made - they advised me of this.

    Also worth looking at your local authority's website as they often have details of events that don't make it to the stall finder website

    Good luck - and definitely don't even think of giving up

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      Hi Becky to one of the best forums going.... have you looked at how you work out your pricing, if you are just making for fun then you will be able to price so you can cover your costs but dont make things too cheap. you do need to make a profit after all

      Jills advice about stallfinder is a great place to start. also try your loacl hospices as they usually have fairs too.
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        Hi Becky. A warm welcome from a fellow newbie.


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          Thanks everyone! That's so encouraging. I will definitely not give up and I'll have a look at right now! I'm beginning to bore my husband, so once again I'm very grateful to have found somewhere where people share my interest.



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            Hi Becky welcome to the forum ou will never bore anyomne on here chat about your craft as much as you like!

            Glad to here your first fair left you at break even -n - wish I could get to that point but alas Im a spendaholic when it comes to my craft so cant see that day coming soon !!



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              [IMG]http://*****************/xmas-smiley-4606.gif[/IMG] Welcome to the forum Becky! [IMG]http://*****************/xmas-smiley-4606.gif[/IMG]
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                hello and welcome


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                  Hello Becky!

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