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    My Name is tracey and i am very new to crafting and would love to chat to other keen crafters. I am a total techno nivice and find it all abit scary trying to find all the goodies that are advertised as i do not have a craft shop in my home town. I have looked on line with my limited knowledge of the web and have come accross a few good sites but have never ordered from them as yet. I am hoping that some of you kind ladies/gents will help me with some projects and give me some good web-sites to use as they all scare me abit on the ordering side. I have a friend who crafts in grimsby and has found a great web-site called MOD EDIT - PLEASE READ RULES Re URLs really cheap and great products great service and she always gets loads of free goodies in her order. She keeps on at me to stop being scared and order from them. Has anybody else ordered from them? Please help me as i would love a great supplier and if anybody knows of other great web-sites i can look up. I look forward to hearing from anybody who can help me.

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    Hello Tracy and welcome we are a friendly bunch here, with lots of hep/advice and we all have to start somewere don't we?
    I only joined the forum 2 wks ago!

    Maybe give us an idea of what interests you? Jewellery, paper crafts, metal work, beading, quilling, wood, silk painting etc etc......theres alot to choose from.

    Good luck and just have a go....


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      Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for you note. I like card making and scrapbooking and would love any help on these subjects.



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        Hi Tracey,

        Welcome to the forum. Defintely the right place to come, lots of good advice, tips and friendly people here. Try looking in the Card and Scrapbooking sections. I don't do either crafts so can't be of much help, but I am sure there's lots of advice here.

        Enjoy! Kate
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          Hello Tracey
          Welcome to the forum as has already been said we are a friendly bunch here so join in as often as you can.
          I am a card maker and scrapbooker so I will be more than happy to offer you any advice I can to get you started, just ask away!
          Look forward to getting to know you.
          Anice xx
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            Hi Tracey,
            Im a newbie myself to this forum and have just read your thread- was wondering....Could you let me know what the website is that you mentioned? ...I love a bargain!!! LOL


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              Hi Tracy. I love card-making and scrapbooking too. I've had some lovely things recently from fellow crafter, Emma. She's got a web page advertised on this site called getcrafty.


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                Originally posted by Isabella View Post
                Hi Tracey,
                Im a newbie myself to this forum and have just read your thread- was wondering....Could you let me know what the website is that you mentioned? ...I love a bargain!!! LOL
                Website urls are only allowed after 25 posts. Please read the forum rules - we don't have many, but they are there for a reason.


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                  Hi & Welcome Everyone has probably shown you what a friendly place it is here, we all try to help out where we can! What crafts are you into? Let us know what you like and we might be able to recommend places!!

                  Lisa xxx
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                    Good evening & welcome to the forum!

                    Apple Tree Crafts


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                      Welcome to the forum Tracey Im new too only been here a couple of days, everyone really freindly. I am a cardmaker and scrapbooker too so am wlling to offer advice so ask away.

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                        I am a newbie too Would love to know where you shop too



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                          Hi Tracey, sorry for the late reply (i must have missed this one). Welcome to the forum, as you can tell it's a very friendly place full of advice and support. I'm a card maker too, i find it such a relaxing hobbie.

                          Look forward to getting to know you and if you need any advice, just ask away.
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                            Hi Tracey, just cathcing up with what and who is new on the forum.

                            Bit late, but welcome to the forum. I am sure you will enjoy it and get a lot out of it.

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                              A late hello and warm welcome from me'll love it here !
                              Lorraine xx
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