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  • Hi

    Just wanted to say hello, I am Alison. No doubt I will be asking for loads of help and inspiration ideas in the near future.

    I think my sister and brother inherited all the craft genes in our family because I have absolutely none of them but would dearly love to be able to make things. I have my own web business but unfortunately I buy all the stock in and would love to be able to make some items that I have made myself.

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    Hi Alison
    Welcome to the forum. What sort of items would you like to create then?
    Where can we start you off?
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      I sell some jewellery and charms, so that is perhaps the most logical place to start. I have been looking around for some courses that I could perhaps attend in the North West and am at the moment looking for some books for beginners to get me started.

      I really want to be able to sell some original items rather than things that anyone can pick up, if you know what I mean.


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        Hi Alison welcome to the forum. I'm afraid i can't help with the jewellery making as i've never tried myself. But if you ever decide to make cards i could help with advice there (well i'd like to think so anyway).

        Hope you enjoy it here it's a lovely friendly place which will get you crafting in no time, just prepare yourself it can become very addictive on forums.

        Take care,
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          Hi Alison. Welcome to the forum! Lots of ideas and inspriation here, so you've come to the right place! Look forward to talking to you
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            Hello Alison
            welcome to the forum from me too! I didn't think I was very craft orientated until I started making cards whilst I was ill a few years ago. It's amazing what you discover you can do when you give it a try! Join in as often as you can, we're a pretty friendly bunch here!
            Anice xx
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              Welcome to the forum You will be amazed where things will take you so just go with the flow and enjoy creating!
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                This time last year i didn't have a clue about making jewellery. I basically went on some websites, ordered some bits and pieces and played about with them. Jillysbeads are good, but there are alot of people on the forum that sell stuff as well. I think somebody sells kits but cant remember who, i'm sure they will pop up somewhere!
                Craft magazines are also good if you are an absolute beginner - although i find they get repetitive after a while.
                Crafts Beautiful do al sorts and quite often have simple jewellery projects.
                Hope you have fun


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                  Good Afternoon & Welcome to the Forum!

                  You'll find inspiration by the shedload on here!

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                    Hello and welcome to the forum.

                    Is there something you really like? I love candles bought them by the truck load. Decided to have a go and it has just sort of snowballed from there!!

                    All the best.

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                      Hi Alison, welcome to this truly wonderful site, I know you will find help in what you are looking for.



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                        Hi Alison,

                        I'm sure someone here can help you with some sort of jewellery making. I do papercafts myself, so won't be of any use to you!

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