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Hello, I hope you're all nice and as mad as me...

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  • Hello, I hope you're all nice and as mad as me...

    Hello everyone. I have just this minute joined the site, after having read a few of the threads.

    I live with my husband and two dogs in the West Midlands, just on the edge of the countryside.

    We have the advantages of living in the suburbs but being a five minute walk away from the countryside. Lovely.

    My daughter and I make cards for fun, and are now trying to build up a stock of cards for sale.

    I've spent hours on the web trying to find affordable venues to hire a table or stall, and the post by Katian caught my eye - trying to arrange a fair in Staffs. I will post a reply on that thread just in case it gets missed on this one.

    We'd be interested in that - we're perhaps 25 miles from Stoke on Trent and a little less from Lichfield.

    We've tried eBay for the cards and have sold some, all of which had good responses from the buyers, but I think eBay is simply too big.

    Hope someone comes along to say hello in a minute... I know it's nearly bedtime...


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    Hello and welcome!


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      Hi Primmers, welcome to the forum. I am pretty new myself here, but everyone is really nice and friendly, and there is loads to read and get involved with on the forum.
      I live over in Leeds, so my craft fair knowledge won't be much use to you, unless you think you might travel this far.
      Look forward to getting you know you


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        Thanks, Mary - I thought everyone sounded nice when I read the threads.

        Lots of the members seem to have their own businesses and websites:at the moment we only craft as a hobby.

        We both find it stressbusting to sit quietly and, well, create!

        We have made loads of cards which are currently getting underfoot!

        I sold quite a lot at work for the MacMillan nurses, but we would like to sell for a profit for us as well!

        I have a huge stash of stuff stored in plastic crates in a corner of the dining room: I am off to see if I can get a proper storage system ( for that, read chest-of-drawers) to keep it all tidy and clean, this weekend, before my husband makes some cutting comment or another.
        There are times when I just can't resist buying some more pretty paper or finding a 'bargain' of card blanks !

        He is amazingly tolerant of this passion we have for cards!

        Well, I'm off to bed now: work in the morning. Oh yuk.



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          Hi, welcome from me too. Always glad to have more cardmakers here as i love making them aswell. Hope to speak soon.
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            Hell and welcome from another Midlander!

            Hi and welcome from me - sorry, went to bed early last night so had turned the computer off before you introduced yourself. I agree that finding craft fairs in our area isn't easy. The only one I know by you is Trentham Gardens, which is a weekend long one (£60 for the whole weekend). Anyway, if I have any news on a craft fair I will let you know - I am still waiting on a number of places to get back to me at the moment. Enjoy the forum (you will!) and look forward to talking to you more!
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              Hello from the Staffordshire Moorlands. Sounds like you're down near the bottom of Staffs and we're up near the top!!

              Welcome to the forum. I look forward to your input.

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                Hello and welcome


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                  Hello Primmers,
                  Welcome to the forum, as you have already seen people here are really friendly and fun.
                  I love card making too, it's great that you and your daughter have found something to do together that you both love. I started off like you just making cards for the fun of it and it grew and grew but in a slightly different direction so I now design backing papers and started my own business! It doesn't stop me from making cards though, I just don't get to do it as often as I would like. But I am sure most crafters would say that!
                  Join in as often as you can and I look forward to getting to know you.
                  Anice xx
                  P.S I live in Newcastle now but I come from your area, I was born in Birmingham but grew up in Tamworth and my parents are still there.
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                    Hello to you.


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                      Hello there,
                      What a lovely detailed - how nice!
                      I've only just left the Midlands in favour of Wales, my husband was born in Walsall so we are quite often around your area.
                      I've got a craft business too - but only after years of keen crafting for fun - so who knows where your card making will take you.
                      Good luck with finding a fair or some other way to sell your cards.
                      Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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                        Hi and welcome to the forum.

                        Wont take long for the card stock to start running down. How can you possibly have time for card making when (if you are like everybody here) most of your time is spent on the forum.

                        Good luck.

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                          Hello & welcome, everyone is fab here x
                          I'm another Midlands lass! originally Lichfield, but now Loughborough (leics).
                          So have thankfully lost my brummy accent a bit now!

                          Hope to speak to you soon x
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                            Hello there welcome along.


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                              Good Morning & Welcome!

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