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my new shop and hello to you all

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  • my new shop and hello to you all

    hello everyone just want to say hello and hope some of you will take a look around my new shop and give some feedback for it you can sign my guest book half way down the page all items are handmade by myself ive been doing handmade cards toppers for a number of years now and only just got my husband to lauch this site would like everyone to look at my items and see what you think and hey you may purchase thanks everyone look forward to some feedback.

    catch you all later i will be back to check on feedback you may leave me thanks mandy.
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    Nice cards.....bit of a deep end introduction though. I mean, you don't want to give the impression that you've only joined to promote your site....

    Welcome to the forum, lots of cardmakers here, so you'll have lots to chat about.

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      Hello & welcome.

      Cards look great but there is a lot of info on your homepage! All a bit too busy for me. - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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        Hello and welcome!!!
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          strike while the irons hot

          i didnt want to give to much force but to get feedback from crafters is a good way to seeing my site looks good.
          i would like to think that feed back from all the crafting comunity would be of great use to everyone not just myself i will be posting in certain parts of this forum in the near future.
          anyway a big hello to everyone.

          and you didn t sign my guest book lol
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            PLEASE DON'T SHOUT AT US!!!! Posting in red is bad enough, but using Ariel black is as bad as using upper case! It's usually a good idea to see what everyone else is doing before trailblazing.
            I've left the colour, but changed your font to Ariel.


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              I'm new here as well.


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                Hello and welcome to the forum
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                  Hi welcome to the forum. I make cards too but haven't got a site up and running yet as i seem to spend most of my spare time on the forum. I looked at your site the other night i thought that the home page was a bit to flashy and long. Could you have a link page to shorten it a little? your cards are very nice though.

                  Speak soon,
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                    I've just had a chance to look at your site - now I realise why you write in big red letters! It's so 'in your face' it's scary! You're only selling card supplies, not Elton John's jackets, it really needs toning down if you want 'crafters' to stay more than 5 seconds (the average time it takes an artist to think 'whoa! too bright man!'). It also has the added problem of being busier than Ikea on saturday - you don't want to go further than the first page because you think you've seen it all. There is a market for OTT imaging - I don't think card making supplies is it.