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  • Oh it's all new to me...


    I've started fusing glass in a kiln that has been made for me, well you can only make so much before the house starts to bulge, so I’ve decided to do a couple of craft fairs. Now I’m starting to panic, how much stuff do I need to make, what can I expect to sell, am I really going to sell anything, I think it’s good but will others.

    Help, any advice for a new crafter will help.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    to the forum.

    I suppose my way of judging the amount to make is to have enough to cover a 6' x 4' table - you can lay stuff out at home on a table to judge this - that's what I do!

    As for what will and won't sell, well you never can tell! I've taken along stuff I really wasn't keen on and it's been the first to sell! And stuff I really think is good sometimes sits around for weeks on a stall! It all depends on the buyers' tastes.

    But good luck with your first stall, and don't be downhearted if you don't sell as much as you hoped first time out - sometimes people only start buying from you when they see you there on a regular basis.


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      A very warm from me and good luck with your craft fayres as with anything it is trial and error.
      Take care
      ***I can't promise you the MOON, but I can promise SPARKLE.***


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        Hi & to the forum


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          Hi Jo,

          to the fourm. I have a feeling we've been in touch with each other by email recently if you're the Jo that I'm thinking of??

          Facebook Pages:


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            Hi welcome to the forum

            Im doing my first fair next month and the way I am approaching it is just as a big learning experience. Im going to do the practice layout on the dining room table, Ive been sourcing diffrent display materials and when they are too expensive I have made my own (really cool corsage display holders if I do say so myself !!!).

            Ive read through all the old threads ie how much material to cover the table, cash/credit cards, keeping a float etc.

            On the day it will be the mood of the sellers and the traffic to the fair if Iget sales good if not and I manage to get some litreature out Fair if I do neither well I just look around for the next one.

            Im sure you will do well let us know how you get on.

            Best wishes for your first fairx



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              Thank you for all the advice and yes I am that Jo. I had a look around the Art Market in Northampton today on e market square and was happy to see only 1 fused glass person, who I also bought a kiln from years ago. Luckily we are doing different things. I looked like a good event, it's a pity there isn't another one planned for this year though.

              Thanks again

              Off in to the garage now to make some more ;-)