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  • I feel Stupid!!!

    I am a newbie as i have already explained but on reading all your fantastic crafts, ideas and creations i feel so stupid and inferior (spelling not good hahaha ) i make cards and am a novice really and there was me thinking i could open my own website and sell them im stupid , i would love to start doing canvas painting fairys, i LOVE fairys i have a collection of 68 in pewter, china, candles etc, i think they are beautiful, my collection started when i bought my first fairy for a baby that i lost then i bought another for my nan who had just died they were mearly to remind me that everytime i look at my fairys i think of them and my collection has grown and grown. im only 28yr and am really looking forward to all your advice, input, experiance, and not only about crafts im glad to of found people i can talk to other than my kids lol can any body help me how to paint with acrylics? and any tips etc and any other advice of crafts i can have a dabble in thankl you everyone xxxx big love and kisses
    "One mans trash is another mans treasure" so my nan said so i am a great recycler!!!

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    someone once said "if you are looking at art, then you are looking at someone elses work"
    we can all be self critical but confidence can be built up by other people. I would imagine that you have shown your friends and family your work and that they think it's great.
    I have a regular pitch selling my jewellery and cards at a local farmers market. Also on the market is an artist called justin lowe. He does water colours and is very tallented. He produces cards with prints from his water colours. I think they are great. however, I sell as many cards as he does, mine are imature and unpolished and totally different to his. I couldn't even begin to produce what he does, but some people buy his and some people buy mine. Everyone goes for different things. Do not judge yourself on what others produce, but on the reaction your stuff gets from others!
    Believe in your self and go for it, but remember that just having a website is not enough. You need to constantly work at getting traffic to your site. You need to link it etc. (there are lots of threads on this forum with regards to that)
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      Hi Zoe,
      I totally agree with Beads. Crafting is not just about making stuff that could be from a shop, it's about putting a little bit of yourself into each of your creations. Some people will like your stuff some wont..that doesn't matter if you enjoy what you do and are always learning and improving and you like what you create. The greatest artists are usually not recognised until they are not around anymore!
      Good luck with everything you are doing, everyone has to start off somewhere.
      Anice xx
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        Hi & welcome to the forum.

        Don't be silly your not silly (too many sillys there). You are as good as the next person just takes a bit of confidence and a bit of experience.

        Agree with beads though a web site needs to be updated constantly and quality links in place (and keep looking for them). However don't let that put you off. Mr Media is great on the website business he should be able to point you in the right direction. There is also advertising on this forum (as you can see along to top and sides of this thread)!!

        Go on jump in!!

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          Keep at the card making and you will be suprised where it takes you. I was mainly a card maker but through reading this forum and looking at blogs and other peoples sites it gave me confidence to try new things. I'll now give most things a try and I have my fingers in many pots now!! Just don't have time to do all the things I want to do!
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            You're Not Silly....

            ...just need a wee bit more confidence in yourself.

            Everyone has doubts, if you didn't you'd never improve on ideas and designs.

            Go for it with a website! There'll always be someone here who can help with any problems. Mr Media is red hot at all that stuff! And we're all here and can help too. This thread is just one huge support network.

            If you don't jump in you'll regret it forever.

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              Just keep plugging away at it, if you want to start small then maybe you could sell your cards at small local fetes or something. If you are not desperate for the cash and want to just build up confidence in seeing that people will like your cards then this may be a way to start (remember that some really local church/school fetes are usually in aid of something so you won't get all the profits). I think you could probably be onto a good thing spe******ing in fairies as you like them so much yourself, there are plenty of others out there like you.

              Give it a go and if you want some opinions feel free to share your work with us. I love seeing other peoples work, even if I know I am terrible at sewing and I see someones sewing. Sometimes just the pattern on a bag can inspire me to create something totally different.

              Don't give up and above all have fun!
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                Silly schmilly.....

                You are hard on yourself.... a good sign for high quality crafting!
                You are your own own critic, that's good. It helps you push yourself.
                You are trying to improve, get better, learn. All good too.

                Put yourself down 'cos you think someone else is better.... ooo nooo sir!
                Never feel stupid because you think your work isn't good enough. It takes bravery to 'put your work out there'. Every artist or crafter has doubts and worries but that is perfectly normal, healthy even.

                Use other peoples work as inspiration, motivation to try out new things, experiment, learn and have fun. But don't dismiss your own work against someone elses, use thier craft in a positive way for your own learning.

                Remember that the only difference between being an artist and not being an artist is calling yourself an artist!!

                When is a piece of work art? When the creator calls it art!

                Does that mean everyone will like it. Course not. But does it mean it is rubbish if someone doesn't like. Course not again!

                Everyone's opinion will vary, everyone's taste is different. That's a good thing, it creates diversity and means that we all get to see loads of different styles of work. That's the best bit!

                One thing you can be sure off is that you will get honest and helpful support on this forum. We are all in the same game. We work hard to create stuff as best we can. Then we 'put it out there'.

                That's all you can do. Don't worry about anything else.

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                  I made this 6 months ago. I have now taken it off my website because I know I can do better!
                  Learn fast - and above all, do it for yourself, if others like it, fine, if they don't, then at least you do!
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                    Hello and welcome..
                    It's difficult when you just start crafting, there's always the question of 'is this ok? is it amateur? if you are doing your cards by yourself.
                    I do my jewellery with my friend and sister, and my mum makes handbags so i have 3 people who will tell me their opinion!!
                    Making things with other people is enjoyable and you can bounce ideas off each other.
                    You need to get it shown to other people to get opinions but then it's hard as you don't want people to tell you it's rubbish!! (i know how that feels!!)
                    It's great that you have found this forum as now you have a ready-made crafting circle of people to ask advice, and best of all to show your work to, the people here are great (as you've probably found out!!)
                    All i would say about your cards is, would you be happy to recieve one? if so then you should be pleased with them, i never make anything that i wouldn't wear myself, that way i am confident with what i'm selling and this is the best way to get people to buy it!!


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                      thank you

                      thank you to everyone you are all so helpful and informative. i will learn to love my work i do like my work and just worry to much about other peoples opinions too much, i had a good break through this afternoon i collected my sons from school and noticed there was a book fair on and is there till next week so i asked the head teacher if i could leave some cards there and try sell them that way and would give a cut to the school funds and she was more than happy im sooooooo happy xx
                      "One mans trash is another mans treasure" so my nan said so i am a great recycler!!!

                      My kids are my i love them so very much ALWAYS AND FOREVER .


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                        Just Have Fun

                        I love to do crafts, my problem is that I am not a perfectionist, so not many of the things I make are not show-room quality. But I have fun and that's all that matters. Just have fun and don't worry about if some else does things better (in your opinion).



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                          Hello from me


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                            As a jewellery designer I know exactly where you are coming from; I never feel my work is good enough and am annoyed I can never do the "perfect piece" but as my very supportive friends pointed out it wasn't my opinions that counted most but those of the customers. Art is subjective; some people may love your work, others may not but that's what makes us all individuals.
                            On the website front, go for it; it's hard work, frustrating, complicated and most of all time consuming but you can't beat the thrill of your first on line sale you've just got to perservere and above all, stay positive.
                            Wishing you really good luck
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                              Don't critisize your self, there are plenty of not nice people will do that for you in this life. Enjoy the simple pleasure of making something with your own hands. Don't 'stress out' if what you are trying to produce doesn't work first time, just try again. You can only improve in this field. It just isnt possible to regress. Please keep at it, I am sure you are much better than you think.
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