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  • Hi from Buttonberry :D

    Hey everyone,

    I am really excited to be here! I love to make all things pretty and am currently working on some fabric canvas pieces which I will take photos of to see what everyone thinks!

    My friend Emma and I have just opened a new online shop to indulge our hobby so if anyone wants to give us feedback on how user friendly it is etc, that would be very helpful - opinions from like minded crafters are always helpful!!

    I have had a good browse at all the lovely things on this site and I am sure I will get nothing crafty done at all now i can post!

    Hope to hear from you all soon - (i'll just keep browsing!)
    Lisa xxx
    eat, sleep, breathe, STITCH!


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    Hi Lisa and welcome to the forum

    Lorraine xx
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      Hi Lorraine,

      Thank you! I am really liking your site btw, it is gorgeous! Do you make everything yourself? do you attend any craft fairs?

      Lisa x
      eat, sleep, breathe, STITCH!



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        Hello to you.

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          Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum. They're a friendly bunch here so have lots of fun.
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            Hi Lisa,

            a big welcome to you.

            Had a look through your site, you've got some great fabrics on there.
            I think the site looks great, simple and very easy to navigate. I love the graphics for the nav buttons and the fabric background borders are great too!

            Welcome again.
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              Hi Lisa

              Welcome to the forum.

              Had a quick look at your site and it looks great.

              You will love it here.

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                Good afternoon & welcome!

                Yummy fabrics on your site - I love Lecien designs!

                Apple Tree Crafts


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                  Hello Buttonberry
                  Welcome to the forum! Everyone here is really friendly so join in as often as you can. Look forward to getting to know you.
                  Anice xx
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                    Good evening, hope you enjoy it here. Nice site by the way, my mum makes handbags, i will definately give her your address, she gets excited looking at material!!


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                      Thank you everyone for your great welcome! I think i am going to like it here too!

                      Originally posted by icecreamgirl View Post
                      Good evening, hope you enjoy it here. Nice site by the way, my mum makes handbags, i will definately give her your address, she gets excited looking at material!!
                      Haha just like us then we just loooove fabric! We chose our christmas (i know early!) fabrics a couple of weeks ago and it was such a chore just having to go through all the wonderful things

                      We're in suffolk too, do you know of any good craft fairs or anything?

                      Lisa xx
                      eat, sleep, breathe, STITCH!



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                        Well it depends what you're after i think, i kinda gave up on craft fairs last year due to the popularity of jewellery making at the moment, lots of fairs either had too many stalls selling it or they had stalls selling bought in stuff for cheap (! don't get me started!)
                        Rougham Blackthorpe Barns do craft fairs every weekend through december, it's expensive for a stall, but very good quality goods and very busy.
                        Ive also heard that Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fair is a really good one to do, although again it's expensive but it's a whole weekend event.


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                          Hello and welcome - the forum is great, you'll love it!
                          Katian Mosaics

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                            Hi there,
                            Good to have you with us - have fun!
                            Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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                              Excellent thank you, i'll definately keep an eye out for those! Bury is pretty close so might have to have a nosey there!
                              eat, sleep, breathe, STITCH!