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  • Hello from Staffordshire


    I'm new to the site, and relatively new to crafting... Typed in 'craft forum' into Google and this place popped up!

    I guess I'm not a huge crafter. Mostly just card making for friends and family. Though I have done a lot more over the summer this year. I nearly always have a cross stitch project on the go, even if I am working through it somewhat slowly. I currently also have a scrapbook project on the go.

    I guess I mostly joined to get to know a little bit more about everything really. From different ideas and techniques to what tools are good to use for various different things, as yea, I'm a bit of a novice. And of course to hopefully find some inspiration to try out new ideas and new projects that I might not otherwise have thought to try.

    Any help / advice / constructive criticism with crafting and how to use the forum is always welcome and appreciated.

    Thanks guys,

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    Hi Tania and . I dont know much about card making, cross stitching etc. but if you want help and advice then this is the place to be.

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      Hello and I am into glass so not able to help you on the card/scrap book front but there are loads of talented people here who will be a long soon! x
      As for the forum have a surf around and there is loads of advice and tips.
      Terry xxx
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        Thanks for the welcome guys. Much appreciated. It's a little nerve wrecking being a newbie in such a large forum.

        I'm loving the look of the place though. Hoping to be stuck in in no time.


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          welcome from me too!
          My passion is knit and felt bags, but i know there are plenty of paper enthusiasts on the forum
          Happy Crafting!

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            Hi Tania and to the forum


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              Welcome to the forum

              I am sure you will get some great ideas


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                Hello and welcome there Tania

                My name is Mandy otherwise known as Mums Knits and I am a knit a holic but dabble in other crafts too. My son has a shop in Longton and we are always looking for people who want to join our crafting classes. Where in Staffordshire are you from?

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                  Thanks for the welcome guys!

                  Heya Mandy.

                  I'm in Hartshill, so near the hospital. I've only recently moved here. I know the area semi-well, but still got some things to learn, for one thing, where some craft shops are! I would love to get to know a bit more about the classes that you guys have at your sons shop.

                  I generally dabble with paper craft and yea, nearly always have cross stitches on the go. I have a friend that lives in Stoke who is also determined to teach me how to knit. So knitting something may be a project for me at some point in the near future.


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                    Hi & to the forum, I make handmade cards


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                      Hi there

                      Welcome to the forum

                      I'm not too far away in Shopshire, I run a monthly card-making & stamping class, if you ever want to come along or have some more info just send me a pm

                      There's always loads of info & advice on here, so ask away if you need to know anything

                      Jan x
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