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    Hello all fellow crafty people,

    A friend suggested this was the place for me and after reading some of the posts and replies, I have to agree! I am a stay at home mum at the moment, it wasn't feasible to go back to work after the twins (who were the 3rd and 4th additions to the brood) childcare versus salary and all that... with only one in school it meant 3 in childcare!! VERY expensive. So I am on a sabbitical until I have at least 2 of them in school Sept 2010 - so I have longer to decide whether I really can go back to work or not. I have a little time on my hands in the evenings - it's not much, but it's been just enough to start my venture. I have sourced some sparkly and enamel alphabet letters and various leather and silicon straps to attach them to and with a combination of these materials and some cute charms am able to offer personalised bracelet and keyring gifts - mostly aimed at kids although the stainless steel has gone down pretty well with the grown ups too. I have only done a couple of events but the stuff has proved quite popular and while it's been worth all the effort and money to get started - it's too slow to provide an income currently

    I just wondered does anyone know the best place to advertise which isn't too costly? I am on Etsy which doesn't cater to different currencies and I'm not sure whether that puts people off. Also I would really value your opinion on what I am doing. It's all still a work in progress and not all my items are even listed yet but you get an idea by going to Etsy you can find me by doing a seller search on antsinpants.

    I am currently working on different closures for the enamel on leather bracelets as I don't like the watch style buckle as for small wrists there is too much spare strap. Silicon works well as it can be cut down without a special finish and I can punch my own holes. I also have photo charms (not advertised yet) so you can wear whatever you like on your keyring or bracelet.

    Any advice, pointers, feedback (positive or negative - I can take constructive criticism most welcome and most appreciated!


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    Hi Antoinette and welcome to the forum

    I can't help with any of your questions I'm afraid, but I bet someone on here will be along any minute with tons of advice


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      thank you so much for your immediate contact - makes me feel one of the family already


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        Hello Antoinette, and welcome

        Have you seen the Craft Business section here? There's a lot of threads about different aspects of turning your craft into a business, including starting out and where to sell.
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          Hi from me too!


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            Hi and a big welcome from me.
            My Blog:


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              thanks everyone for the warm welcome and advice!


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                Hi and