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  • Magpie

    Hi everyone, I found this forum by default as my work cancelled today so spent the day looking for all things crafty on the PC. I took up jewellery making last year after deciding that i was spending too much money on sparkly things and the old thoughts of 'I'm sure i could make that' kept running through my head!
    And surprise surprise it seems like i can!!
    I make things from everything i can lay my hands on, beads, wire thread, ribbon, buttons and am trying felt at the moment.
    I have sold a bit of stuff to friends but am really interested in learning about websites. I'm not very computer literate so am a bit scared of this so would really appreciate any tips, it seems like most of you on here have websites!! I want to be like you!!!!!!!!!
    Hi to all of you!!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I used to call myself a crafter but since joining the forum a couple of weeks ago i seem to spend all my spare time talking/reading about crafts and adding new things to my website. I am also not very good with computers and have a template shop through lycos (wouldn't recommend it). From what I've read here alot of people use Mr Site to build there websites (I'm considering getting this). I'm sure many other members can help advise, I'm just not one of them.

    Have fun.
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      Hi and welcome to the forum.

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        I've just joined the forum too. It looks like a gret place to share ideas and keep in touch with other crafters.

        I spend way too much time on my PC fiddling with my website and trying to learn new stuff when I should be in the workshop actually making things!!

        Anyway, nice to meet you! Don't be afraid of the websites side of things.

        There are lots and lots of good free web hosting companies. Just do a search for 'free web hosting' and have a read through the results. As you read if there are things that you don't understand pop a post on here and if I can I will clear the mud for and try to help as much as I can.

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          Hello and Welcome to the forum!
          This forum can be come as addictive as crafting I can tell you! I look forward to getting to know you.
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            Good Morning!

            Hello and Welcome!

            Try getting Mr Site...I bought it from eBay at £22, and spent yesterday building an 8 page website, which is almost finished this morning! And you get a free shopping cart feature, and a year's free hosting too! Best of all it's simple to use, (because I can do it, it must be simple!)

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              wow you lot are up early!!!!

              Thanks for the welcome.
              I have to say i'm soooooooo excited about being here!!! (that's me in excited mode in case you were wondering)
              Ok i will definately try the website thing when i have the time to sit and think about it!!
              Think the first thing to do is look at all yours and see how the land lies...............


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                Hello there welcome hope to chat soon.


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                  Hello and welcome (although I'm a bit late).

                  As everyone else has already said you will get addicted to the forum. It's a great place to chat, have a grumble or blow your own trumpet, or anything really.


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