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  • Hi, Newbie here

    Hi all,
    I love sculpting with fimo + sculpey, which I have been doing for sometime and finally got round to searching for a forum where I can can share tips and learn a few things at the same time.
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    Hi Sand,
    Welcome to the forum. Daft question - what is Sculpey and how does it differ from Fimo? Can you tell I've not used either!
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      Hi Sand,

      Welcome to the forum!
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        Thank you for the warm welcome.
        I tend to find fimo softer than sculpey, other than that and the time you bake them for, they are about the same, it's just a case of what kind of softness or hardness you prefer to work with I suppose, there are things like fimo soft, fimo classic, super sculpey, sculpey 3. I must say, I haven't experimented with them all but once I earn some money back from what I make I hope to try them all.
        It's an expensive hobby, so selling your creations is a must.
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          Ah thanks for that! I'll remember if I ever feel the need to sculpt!!
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            Hi and welcome!

            I used to use fimo when I was much younger but haven't used it since.

            I have recently thought about using it to craft my own beads though....

            Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do!

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              Thank you vikki,
              Fimo is great for making beads, though i don't do them myself.
              You can make such a range of colours and patterns, and you'll probably find it quite inexpensive for that kind of thing.
              I make fairy scupts and fun characters, so you are looking at about £8 pounds worth for one model.
              The small blocks are about £1.50 each though
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                Hi Sand, I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. I've always fancied making some little toppers for cards out of fimo. When i get round to doing it I'll be asking you for some tips.
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                  Hello & Welcome Sand!

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                    Hi Sand, big welcome to the forum from me too!

                    I have dabbled a bit in fimo (but not very sucessfully) and have seen some fantastic little card toppers (mainly on eBay) - they appear to sell very well, and for a decent amount of money. Afterall, they are little works of art.

                    Would love to see some of the stuff you do as I am always looking for new products to stock on my website.

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                      Hi Sand

                      Welcome. I've made a few beads from Fimo, love the glow in the dark ones. Have fun on the forum.

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                        Hello there,

                        I have just joined the forum too. Looks great.

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                          Hello Sand
                          Welcome to the forum. Apologies for being late with my welcome! I love using fimo embellishments on my cards but as I am talentless when it comes making them I have to buy them. did have a go once..disaster!!
                          Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy your time here.
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                            Thank you all, such a warm welcome from you all.
                            i have been busy making toppers for cards and once I have my 50 posts I will put some pics up of my work, I am also happy to make to order.
                            I'm not really into making cards, I love the fimo work.
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