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Hello from a Lincolnshire newbie!

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  • Hello from a Lincolnshire newbie!

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum so please bear with me as I get used to using it. I have only been in Lincolnshire a couple of years and have recently restarted my hobby of crafts. Currently I enjoying sewing mainly but am really eager to learn new crafts and meet like minded people, perhaps find out more abotu loca craft fairs and if there are any craft groups or people that would like to meet up informally to learn/do crafts together.

    I look forward to hearing from others.

    Best wishes

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    Hello Sarah, and welcome to the forum

    I'm not close enough to you to take part in a group, but we've got members from all over the country, so there may be lots of people interested.
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      Hello and a warm welcome to the forum from me too. I'm sure you will find some other crafters in your area on here.

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        Hi Sarah

        I am in Lincolnshire too - hooray!! I think Wragby is North of Lincoln, is that right? I am south of Sleaford nearer to Bourne but I also sew and would love a partner in crime. I live in a small village and in the winter months the local farmers wives get together after the harvest is in and do some crafts together. I think it used to be just knitting and sewing but they do other things now as well. They are a lovely diverse group, really good fun and have loads of experience so help each other out with hints and tips. I am away on my hols soon but contact me I'd love to meet up
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          Hi Sarah and welcome to the forum.

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            Hi Sarah

            Welcome to the forum . I live in Lincoln but originally come from Louth. The only craft group I know of is one that I organise that takes place at IMPArt in Lincoln (bottom of the high street), next one is 14th August, starts at 7.30pm. Feel free to come along. Unfortunately I don't know of any others but there must be lots more around.

            Originally posted by tipsylipsy View Post
            I am in Lincolnshire too - hooray!! I think Wragby is North of Lincoln, is that right?
            Wragby is east of Lincoln on the Lincoln to Skegness Road
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              Another one from Lincolnshire here, but unfortunately it is a very large county and I am miles away from any of you in North Lincolnshire. I think we also have a member of the forum who lives in North East Lincolnshire, but again a long way from the rest of you



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                Hi and to you

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                  Welcome! I'm in South Lincs border of Cambs. Still in the 'heart of the fens' though.

                  If you are interested in attending a fair, I am organising one in Peterborough for Christmas. We have quite a few crafters from Lincs, Cambs, Beds and Suffolk attending. The more the merrier. More details can be found in my signature.

                  I hope you enjoy the forum, lots of lovely helpful people here
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                    Hi Sarah, welcome from a fellow newbie


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                      Thank you for warm welcomes!

                      Thank you everyone for your warm welcomes and lovely to hear from some of you in Lincolnshire. Karen, hope you have a great hol and yes I would love to meet up when you are back, Sleaford isnt too far. I will also definately have a look at the craft fair in Peterbourough and check out IMPArt, I have never heard of it, thanks for the pointers!!!

                      Best wishes



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                        Hi Sarah, sorry I'm a bit late but welcome to the forum, there are so many friendly faces round here

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