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I must be really thick!

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  • I must be really thick!

    I've always known I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but is this forum really complicated to use or am I just missing something vital? Some times I call up the forum and it gives me the option to log on with my name and pass word, other times I call it up and I seem to already be logged on. Then again sometimes I try to post a thread or reply to one and nothing happens and last night it looks as if I even managed to send one to myself! Is there any hope for me?

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    ok I can help with one or two of those.

    The logging on thing is down to something called a cookie. When you log in there is a little box you can tick called 'remember me'. If you tick this box it puts a file on your computer that says when you come to this site, login automatically. As far as I know it will only remember you for a certain length of time though and only on that one computer.

    As for the posts dissappearing, I'm not too sure but it could be something to do with links. If you have less than 25 posts you cannot post links including those that link to a picture. If you try to post a link it just wont post but will give you a message, if you're like me you're likey not to notice it!

    As for sending ont to yourself that can only really be done through the personal message (PM) system where you click on your name.

    Hope this helps a bit....

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      Thanks for your helpful advise its cleared up one or two points for me.

      I guess I'll just have to have a play around and practice before it all becomes completely clear.

      I've also discovered that I can only send threads or replies if I disable my McAfee thingy before I start.

      Anyway thanks again