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  • Hello you crafty lot

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Claire (AKA StrawberryMangoes). I'm in my mid 20s and live in South Herts with my partner and our two cats (Sooki and Toto).

    I have always been into making things (I get it from my grandad who makes steam engines and paints) and have been lucky enough to have work displayed in various places (made part of a quilt that went around the world) and a section of a huge wooden sculture that now (I think) hangs in Milton Keynes Hospital with the artist Leslie Bonner.

    I dabble in the odd bit of wood carving, although it is not really a strenght of mine - I struggle to find much useful guidance on the topic to be honest. Plus I don't have enough room at home for a proper workshop to keep lots of expensive complicated tools - if i can dream!

    I decided a little while ago that I would start making things to sell (don't worry - I'm not advertising (I've read the rules), so won't tell you the name of my online shop), so have really got into dress making, making leather bracelets, bunting, paper craft (inc. jewellery) and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting at the moment.

    I've joined this site to seek out like minded individuals.

    I would like to hear more about craft fairs in this area (or Bucks - I'm from Milton Keynes orginally).

    I'd also like to get back into painting and would like to better my dress making skills. Finding out more about leather working (how on earth does one go about bunishing leather?) and possibly finding out how to make more time in the day would be great (I'm a part time crafter - evenings and weekends)!

    If anyone can point me in the direction of threads/posts or websites that would be very useful (not ones full of jargon though - I've already found lots of those - like banging your head against a wall!).

    Oh and before I forget (and to make this post, super long) I'd like to find a good tutorial on reading dress patterns! Its all greek to me - I'm making it up as aI go along at the moment.

    Cheerio for now,


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    Hi Claire

    There are lots of multi crafters here and lots who spe******e in one or areas, so you find it covers the lot!

    Welcome and enjoy!



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      hello and welcome

      regarding a tutorial for reading dress patterns - have you had a look at local courses on dressmaking? I did a short course (12 weeks or so) run by my local council in the community centre, it covered all the basics like, setting up sewing machine (prob not needed for you but I needed it), how to decipher and read a pattern, and we went right through and made a garment from a dress pattern (I made a simple shift dress for one of my girls), they even showed us how to trace a pattern so it can be reused in all the different sizes, only cost about £50 for the entire course too..

      Might be worth looking into

      jan x


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        Cheers Jan

        Hey Jan,

        thats not a bad idea - I'll have a look see if the local college does one (although I'll have to wait until September for the courses to start again).

        I'm okay at reading the simpler ones, its the ones with all the little symbols on that baffles me.

        Does anyone know of anything good on the web that I can gander at in the mean time?



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          Hi Claire, and welcome.

          You tube is good for learning how to do things, but , like you, I wish they did a video on how to make more hours each day.
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            Hello and a very warm welcome to the forum from me
            Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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              Hi Claire and welcome to the forum

              Don't assume all classes will start in September!

              I work for a college, and short courses like the one you're looking for are starting all the time, including now and over the summer hols, as long as the tutors are willing to run them.

              I guess most colleges operate in a similar way.

              Best wishes
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                Hi & in, glad you found us


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                  nice to see you here. I am almost sure that we have already had a thread on dressmaking patterns and understanding them a few months ago I will do a search and see what I can come up with.

                  Found this thread, see if it is any good.
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                    hi Wendy,

                    Oh I only said that because the local college (I say local - its spread across the whole of herts) sent around a time table of classes - Feb or Sept start dates on their classes.

                    I did see another site that was great for how to vids (used it to find out how to bind a book) - video jug or something like that. Also expert village.

                    You lot are all so welcoming Looking forward to talking with you more in the coming months/years :0


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                      Hi and welcome to the forum

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                        to the forum!!
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