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  • hello!! I'm new...

    Hi Folks

    I'm new to the site this evening - and have no ideal what I'm doing at the moment, so bear with me.

    I've just started to sell Usborne books in my spare time (sorry to all of you who don't like the Usborne sellers!). I have to say that I really love these books - but it's quite hard to find venues that haven't already been snapped up by other Uborne sellers (which is extremely annoying as Usborne don't tell you who's in your area and who;'s covering what -which is probably why some of you are being inundated with callers!).

    I'm not looking for any hard sell, but would really like to know if anyone has any events in the Surrey/ Hampshire area that would be suitable for me to attend - just looking mainly for Sundays or evenings.

    christmas gift fairs or schools would be really good.

    if you can help or suggest anything I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Hello and welcome.

    You'll maybe find some fairs on the UK craft fair section. I would also contact your local schools directly. You can google schools/playgroups in your target area, and you'll get addresses and phone numbers. Most should be happy to have you at their events, unless they've already booked an Usborne seller.

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      thanks Wendy.

      I'll give it a go - getting into the schools seems to be the problem where I am - I think there are a couple of 'Usborner's in the area that seem to have all the good venues and schools sewn up!


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        Hi and welcome to the forum.

        You'll probably find it difficult to get into Craft Fairs which are genuine hand made goods only, but there are lots of organisations like church groups, village fetes, and fairs organised by charities that would welcome you. Keep an eye on the UK Craft Fairs section of this site, new ones come up every day.

        Wishing you all the best. Kate


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          Hi & , Glad you found us


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            Hello and welcome to the forum. I can't help with fairs as I have truly crafted fairs and dont allow bought in. I'm sure you will find many craft and gift fairs that will though.

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