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  • Hello

    This forum is addictive! We only joined a couple of days ago but thanks for all the friendly and helpful replies we've already received. We've had a fantastic response to our posting re the November Art & Craft Fair, so look forward to meeting a lot of new faces then.

    We've been in the crafts business since the mid 1980s, when we both gave up our jobs to follow the dream, as they say. Very scary but wonderful. We worked from home and exhibited about twice a month across the UK, mainly with the big organisers Rainbow (anyone remember them???), Romor etc. That was the golden era of craft fairs when you would pay upwards of £300 for a stall in a large marquee (often there would be 3 or 4 marquees with a total of 200 - 300 exhibitors and thousands of people through the gates) and come home in 4 figure profit. Those days are long gone I'm afraid -car boots, Sunday shop trading, recessions etc. etc.

    Then a lot of people started jumping on the bandwagon and organising fairs as an 'easy' way to make money, without maintaining standards. Lots of bought in stuff started to appear and the public (and genuine stallholders) got jaded and craft fairs generally declined.

    So we opened our Cuckoo's Nest Craft Shop & Pottery where we sold our own pottery and the work of local artists. We lasted about 5 years but then finally gave in and accepted what our accountant had been telling us all the time - that we had too many overheads to make a profit.

    So now we're back in the workshop in the garden, both OAPs (but don't feel like it!) enjoying potting at a much more relaxed pace, and looking for some good local fairs (please contact us with details). We've also decided to organise an Art & Craft fair in Syston - if it goes well we'll move on from there and maybe expand a bit.

    Love to everybody out there - hopefully look forward to meeting some of you in the coming months.
    Mick and Kate

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    Hi Mike and Kate

    Welcome to the forum, it is addictive, but I like it

    Cindy x

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      Hi and welcome to the forum!

      I am another craft fair returnee - your story sounds a bit similar to mine. I now have a studio in the garden!! - a recent development.

      Enjoy the forum, and don't get too addicted like I have. Not sure there is a cure

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        Hello, mike and Kate, and welcome

        I've been in the craft world for over 20 years, and I remember Rainbow Fairs, although I never did any of their fairs. What happened to them?

        I do think though, there is a resurging interest in crafts, with people being more interested in shopping local, and getting fed up with the global economy and all it's ills. So, fingers crossed for us all.
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          Yes, I think you are right, people are looking to get back to simple basics and fed up with all the current gloom and doom and crafts are definitely on the upsurge again. Can only be good news for all of us.


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            hi there and welcome hope you enjoy the forum
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              Hello and welcome to the forum.

              I completely understand what you mean about the decline in the quality of craft fairs etc. That's why I have ended up organising a few of my own (locally) just for the crafters to have somewhere to sell and not be up against bought in.
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                Addictive - definitely!

                Welcome on board!
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                  Hi there and a big welcome!! from another addict!