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ShirleyH is here to pick your brains!

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  • ShirleyH is here to pick your brains!

    Hi all. Im Shirl'.

    I'm completely new to new in fact I am waiting for my 1st orders to arrive! I have never beaded anything in my life!!!!
    Anyhow....last night I'm watching a boring war movie with hubby when my mind started wandering....I started thinking about beaded I tell hubby...EUREKA! I've got it....that's how I'm going to make my millions from working at home!
    OK....You are all thinking I'm a crunchy nutter or in serious need of medical husband does too! Please.....just stay with me a bit longer folks!
    So I jump on the internet and order £200 worth of all sorts of beads and bits and bobs....then went to bed dreaming of designs.
    This morning I get up and sketch out about 20 different bangle designs and started googling about and found you guys here!
    I'm just letting you know.....given that I know as close to nothing about beading as it is possible to know.....that I may require the knowledge of those more experienced in the near future!

    Be ready for my 1 million and 1 questions that are sure to follow!

    Don't let it be said that you weren't warned!

    Cheers everyone.
    Shirl'.......future beader extraordinaire :-)

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    Hello, Shirl, and welcome to the forum.

    I'm into beads, too, and on my website, there's some pages with basic methods The images down each side of the page are links to a design or a method.

    There's also youtube, you can learn just about anything on there.

    Happy Beading
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      to the forum.

      the first million is the most difficult - after that it is a doddle

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        Hello and welcome to the forum. Wow, you sound very enthusiastic and I am sure you will get all the help and advice you need from other beaders on the forum.
        Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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          hiya and a big from me



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            hiya and from me as well..............

            wow , lucky you waiting to get such a lovely parcel of beads
            looking forward to seeing some of design ideas and if you do get stuck don't forget to holler for help
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              Nice to meet you! Excited to see your new designs too!
              "I was inoculated, very early in life, against all forms of magic and elfin whimsy, even when convincingly disguised as literature." Clive James
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                Hi Shirl
                I like your style! you go girl!


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                  I can see you stalking the postman till your goodies arrive
                  Welcome to the forum and look forward to seeing what you make. There are lots of very talented and knowledgeable people here so feel free to ask anything. Remember no question is too stupid we all have to learn somehow.



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                    Hiya Shirl and welcome

                    Hope your beads arrive soon! I can feel your excitement from here!

                    Be sure to let us see your designs once you've done a few!

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                      Shirley, nice to see you here.
                      God helps them that help themselves.


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                        Heya all and thanks for the warm welcome!

                        Sitting here patiently waiting for my goodies to arrive.....but I fear the 1st delivery won't be here until tomorrow!

                        Sitting here twiddling my thumbs and wracking my brains out trying to think of new and innovative ideas.

                        Thanks for the links to different methods for beading. I am almost affraid to look at anyone elses creations for fear I might discover the idead I have come up with are rubbish compared to what all you experts have created.

                        I am very excited and keen to get on with knocking off that 1st million quid!

                        Shirl'.....I shall keep y'all posted on progress!


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                          Hi and welcome to the forum

                          There are four UK beading magazines now, so they may be able to inspire and help with techiniques. Look out for these publications:

                          Beads and Beyond
                          Making Jewellery
                          Make Jewellery

                          On-line bead supplier and bead lover


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                            Hi Shirl
                            Welcome to this great friendly forum, your bank balance will definately dwindle with beads lol.

                            Have you looked on you tube they have many great jewellery tutorials.
                            Take care
                            ***I can't promise you the MOON, but I can promise SPARKLE.***



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                              Wow you are enthusiastic!! Its great when inspiration hits isn't it!! Not for the sleep patterns though!! he he!!

                              My only advice would be never give up!! Maybe you are one of those lucky people who can create things straight from their imagination but if you are like me then you have lots of practising to have fun with!! But fear not soon those sparkly objects in your head will sitting right in feront of you on your crafting table woo hoo!

                              have fun!