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Hello Im new and looking for advice

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  • Hello Im new and looking for advice

    Hello all
    Im new so be gentle,

    Years ago I got into salt dough modelling and really enjoyed it, but a busy life style put and end to it for a while, anyway I would like to get back into to modelling again, but would like to use something a bit more longer lasting ie clay i think. I assume the designs I used for salt dough can be made in clay, So any advice will be interesting from all the experts

    look forward to hearing from you all

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    Hello and

    What about fimo? They sell it in so many nice colours. Don't know too much about your craft, but hope it all goes well for you.
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      salt dough

      I have a 22 year old salt dough Santa has aged nicely. It is packed away all year, and brought out and hung on the tree every December. If it had been out all year, all those years, it might not be in such good shape. I sealed it with decoupage glue when i made it. But just the front - did not coat the back.

      I am currently trying out air dry terra cotta colored clay. I had my son slice it about a half inch thick and I then cut out small heart shapes and made a hole for a cord....I intend to drop essential oil onto them to match my soap scents...I'm thinking that they'll be absorbent (not sealed or painted) and soak up the scent nicely. but I wonder if the scent will be altered when it interacts with the clay?? My goal is to sell them at fairs to compliment my soap and to MAKE MONEY...this block of clay cost $10 and if I get 150 little hearts out of it, and they smell good, and I sell them for $3 each, then I have $450 in my pocket! People seem to want to buy a little souvenir type things, rather than the actual if these little "aroma diffusers" work, and they sell, voila, my day has not been in vain! If I also sell more sample sizes of my soap than full bars, at say $3 each (about one fourth the bar) then VOILA, more money coming in.

      If they don't smell that good, with the essential oils, then I will keep them until the scent fades, and make little gift wrap decorations out of them - paint them (maybe) and add a nice ribbon or cord for tying on at the bow...or use them for Christmas tree ornaments...or, or...okay, seal and make necklaces....or....


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        Hi and welcome to the forum.

        Fimo and air-hardening clay both sound like viable alternatives. Wow, loads of ideas from Cosmic Grammie there!

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          Nice to meet you!
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            thanks for all your replies, im looking forward to experimenting with clay and trying out some ideas, I guess im in the right place for help

            cheers guys



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              hi and from me as well.............

              can't add anything but looking forward to seeing the end results
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                Pleased to meet you, though I can't help out this time.

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                  Hello and welcome to the forum
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                    Hi and
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