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  • Hello - again


    I have been a member for a while, but I haven't been online for ages.

    I am six months pregnant and have also been unwell, but I am getting back into things now and enjoying being around.

    My company is called Pink Giraffe and I mainly work with alternative styles that would be suitable for bikers, goths, punks, hippies, pagans, fairies and anyone who likes things a little bit different.

    I started as a photographer, but since being ill I have adapted my business to suit my needs. I know work at a much slower pace and have started selling more handcrafted items rather than booking in photography appointments.

    So, that's hello from me
    Pink Giraffe
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    Hi there,

    back! I hope that you're feeling fine and that the rest of your pregnancy goes well. I've got a 6 month old, so remember the joys of pregnancy only too well! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your photography and other crafty stuff soon.

    Adding a little magic to your celebrations


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      I hope you will soon feel better, not long to go now. All 3 of mine were very icky pregnancies, just about eating and in hospital on drips. I only weighed a few pounds more full term than before I got pregnant so I was a skinny bones after each birth. Weight put back on and some over the years though I love your weird fairies on your other thread and have pm'ed you. Good luck with everything
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        Thank you!
        Unfortunately I was diagnosed with MS right at the beginning of my pregnancy, so it's unlikely to go away after the baby is born - LOL
        The pregnancy is fine though, it's just me that's not!
        Anyway, it's not the end of the world and I've always got my fairies to keep me going when it gets tough!
        Pink Giraffe
        email me here


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          Hello and welcome back to the forum. Hope you are feeling better.
          Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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            Nice to see you back and all the best for your future addition
            Katian Mosaics

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              Whenever I watch Dawn Bibby's show on QVC or the create and craft one, they get calls or emails from people who have found crafting therapeutic and also has been like a blessing to have found when life has dealt them tough too, it's been a big thing to keep me going and although I take my time in doing things and finishing projects (cough, cough!) it certainly helps me too
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                back. nice to see you here again.
                God helps them that help themselves.