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  • Hello (again!)

    I'm not exactly new, but I haven't been around for a while, so I thought I'd better reintroduce myself.

    In the past few months, I was made redundant and moved house - we took on what is politely known as a "project": it needed everything doing... rewiring, replumbing, roof repairs, new kitchen and bathroom and just a little bit of redecorating (think 1970s paper with 30+ years of nicotine...)

    That explains my absence, I guess! The redundancy wasn't nice, and on the top of a house move too! But it did give me chance to scrape, strip, fill, sand and paint the walls, etc., as well as lots of other mucky jobs.

    I am planning to be more involved in crafts now, and will hopefully meet some of you in real life too on the craft fair circuit! My redundancy has opened up new opportunities: I plan to set up a hand-made gifts business very soon. I'm still getting to grips with blogging and SEO and putting together a new website ... a big learning curve!

    I've rambled enough...
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    Hi Wendy

    Pleased to meet you.

    Redundancy - although not pleasant - can open many more doors you didn't even know you had the keys to!

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      Hello Wendy and a warmfrom me too.

      Sue x


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        Hi Wendy and welcome,

        just had a look at your 'new' website - Its very professional for such a new site. Fantastic artwork. Looks like redundancy was definately in your favour.



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          hi, just had a look at your website, and for a learner as you said it looks brilliant, really professional. any help you need with bloggin or anything just ask. im sure theres loads of us on here that would be more than willing to answer any questions ( if we know the answers of course lol) good luck on your new venture. Im was in a similar situation my self, with loosing my job last year and decided to become a stampin up demonstrator, ive never looked back since and love my new job now.
          love emma


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            Hi Wendy, two big shocks to the system in one go! We've moved into houses that need everything doing, there's no getting away from the dust and muck when you're living in the house at same time as doing it up, you've done well to get such lovely paintings done. I've been trying to get a web site and things set up as well, makes your head ache. Good luck with your new venture.


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              Thanks guys for all your comments! Jane, I think you are right about redundancy opening doors.

              I forgot to say, the website that's in my signature is one I've had for a while, although the kids' personalised art is new-ish. The personalised stuff is where I'm going, I'm starting to paint on other stuff and not just canvases.

              I'm working on another website which I haven't published yet because it looks a bit sparse. I've also started a blog, so will have to add that to my signature, too. I know I need to start linking to other blogs, but I need to get my head round that!! I've mostly been blogging about the house renovation up to now. Emma: thanks for the offer about blogging advice - I may well take you up on that! And the moral support - it's good to know someone has been there and come out of the other side!!

              Amber, I must admit we didn't live in the house for most of the renovation, as it wasn't really habitable (wiring was unsafe, no heating, and part of the roof needed replacing!!) - we rented a house for three months, and it was such a cold winter I'm glad we did, as I had considered a caravan in the garden!! My hat goes off to all those who live with walls coming down and plaster dust everywhere (I've done it before and I know how bad it can be).

              It's really nice to be welcomed back, and I appreciate you all taking the time to look at my site, and your comments. Many thanks!

              digital stamps for cardmakers:
              hand painted personalised plaques, clocks, canvases, etc:


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                back Wendy. You were right to rent. I've 'lived' in a couple of building sites, brick dust gets into everything, even the food and it isn't funny. You end up replacing the furniture because you cant get rid of the dust.
                Anyway, onward and upward they say and good luck to you.
                God helps them that help themselves.


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                  Welcome back good luck with your new venture

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                    Hi Wendy!

                    Your paintings are lovely!
                    All the best in your new venture!

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                      Hello and welcome back.
                      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars